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Epic says Next-Gen Costs not so Bad |

Epic Games Vice Pres Mark Rein had a lot to say at the IGN Live event. One of them was that he didn’t like the new Nintendo controller. Or the prototype PS3 one Sony has been showing around (join the club, man).

Most interestingly, he said that the cost of developing a next-gen game isn’t as high as some people claim:

I’ve heard EA and Activision make absolutely ridiculous statements about, ‘Oh, it’s going to take 30 million dollars to make a game and we need 300 people’ – that’s just a bunch of bullsh–.

They’re just covering up for their own management and incompetence. Or mismanagement I should say.

Our team size is only about 50 per cent higher than it was last generation, and we’re making fantastic games. Gears of War [Epic’s forthcoming Xbox 360 title] is only about 25 people, and that’s smaller than most current-generation game teams.

Interesting… – Epic VP Gets Mouthy, Slates PS3 and Revolution

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