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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Havok FX GPU-Enabled Physics

October 28, 2005 |

Havok has announced that its physics middleware can be accelerated using a GPU and doesn’t need a specialized graphics chip. “This new product from Havok will utilize the native power of Shader Model 3 class graphics cards to deliver physics … Read More

PS3 is Reality Synthesizer

October 28, 2005 |

It should come as no surprise that there was another expo at which Sony didn’t reveal anything new about the PS3. Well, Mr. Ken Kutaragi was a speaker at WPC Expo in Tokyo, but he didn’t really say much.

Today’s … Read More

PS3 Under $400 in Japan?

October 27, 2005 | | 3 Comments

John thinks I’m going crazy. He could be right. I’m wandering through a vast desert endless drought infinite void exiguousness measure of info about the PS3 and coming up empty. My knuckles are getting sore from scraping barrel bottoms for … Read More

Nintendo : Simultaneous Revolution Release

October 27, 2005 |

If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? What if your adversaries jumped?

Microsoft, as we know, is basically doing a simultaneous worldwide release of their Xbox 360 console. (If you don’t live in Africa or … Read More

Koei Expands in Toronto

October 27, 2005 |

Aaaaah yes. My tax dollars at work. It’s a good thing us canucks need game developers so badly that the government is willing to take money from each and every one of us and give it to Koei. What would … Read More

XBox 360 games single threaded, says Vole

October 27, 2005 |

Ha, just yesterday I was mentioning multithreaded/multicore stuff, and here Microsoft comes out of the closet.

It looks like all of the Xbox 360’s first generation of games are single threaded. That means that they cannot directly take advantage of … Read More

Devs Don’t Like PS3? (Again!)

October 26, 2005 |

* SIGH *

Sometimes I despair. Sometimes I wonder if all these whacky rumours are just FUD put out there by competing firms. People out there that want to make the PS3 look bad for whatever reason.

The latest rumour … Read More

PS3 Developers and Multi-core Processors

October 26, 2005 | | 2 Comments

One of the big things about the PS3 (and Xbox 360 for that matter) is that it has a multicore processor. One main PowerPC core, and 7 Synergistic Processor Elements (or SPEs). An SPE is basically just another core that’s … Read More