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Emergent Announces PS3 Version Of Engine

Unreal Engine 3 will have some competition in the next-gen graphics engine department from Emergent Technologies. They already have a version of their engine running on the Xbox 360, and plan for a PS3 version as well.

Talking at the Austin Game Conference, the company announced that it has shipped version 2.1 of Gamebryo, and that the new version features Xbox 360 final platform support. It has also confirmed for the first time that a PlayStation 3 version of the engine is currently in development. In addition, Gamebryo 2.1 adds a visual performance tool, a reduced memory footprint, a memory allocation system and support for Max 8 and Maya 7.

Gamasutra – Emergent Announces Plans, PS3 Version Of Engine

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PS3 vs X360 : Armored Core 4

For all you crazy PS3 and Xbox 360 fans out there who like the Human Torch’s famous words “Flame on!” then this is for you.

From Software is releasing Armored Core 4 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and has released trailers for both games.

I haven’t gotten a chance to download these yet, but I will be soon and will be posting an update to this article with my thoughts.

But I thought I’d put it out there for you all to look at and post your opinions.

IGN – PS3 vs X360

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MGS4 Trailer – Better Quality

IGN has made available a higher quality version of the realtime MGS4 trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.

IGN – MGS4 Trailer

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Kagan Forecasts Eventual PS3 Victory

Kagan Research is predicting that the Xbox 360 will have the lead over the PS3 in installed base at the end of 2006. (Assuming that the PS3 will launch in the 2nd half of 2006.) Kinda makes sense because the Xbox 360 will have almost a year lead in that case. Kagan thinks that in 2008 the PS3 will have pulled ahead in cumulative sales, and thinks that the 2008 sales will break down like this: PS3 – 54%, Xbox 360 – 24%, Revolution – 22%.

Other interesting estimates revealed by the report overview include suggestions that total video game console sales over all generations are expected to climb to $6.4 bil. in 2007, though projected to slip to $5.9 bil. in 2008. In addition, total video game industry revenue – hardware, software and accessories for all platforms – is forecast to peak at $16 bil. in 2007. Kagan also expects Nintendo to retain a dominant presence in the handheld market with the DS, although the company did not publically release estimates on the margin of this success.

Gamasutra – Kagan Forecasts Xbox 360 Sales Win In 2006

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