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Havok FX GPU-Enabled Physics

Havok has announced that its physics middleware can be accelerated using a GPU and doesn’t need a specialized graphics chip. “This new product from Havok will utilize the native power of Shader Model 3 class graphics cards to deliver physics effects that integrate seamlessly with Havok’s game-play physics technology found in Havok Complete.”

With respect to the PS3:

In tandem with this announcement, Havok also announced version 3.2 of Havok Complete – Havok’s combined physics and character animation SDK and tool chain for current and next-generation game platforms, including Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Havok Complete 3.2 enhancements include support for Playstation 3, HydraCore for increased performance on multi-threaded/multi-core game platforms, additive blending for character animation, and Art Tool enhancements that provide a unified workflow for dynamic characters and game objects. Havok Complete 3.2 is scheduled to release at the end of October 2005.

Finally, the company announced the finalization of its agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment to deliver a binary-only version of Havok Complete XS 3.2 to all Playstation 3 developers worldwide. Support for Havok Complete XS will come directly from SCE worldwide. Havok Complete XS provides all the functionality of Havok Complete, without the source code. Playstation 3 Developers can also purchase the full Havok Complete product directly from Havok, for an optional fee.

Gamasutra – Havok Announces Havok FX GPU-Enabled Physics

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PS3 is Reality Synthesizer

It should come as no surprise that there was another expo at which Sony didn’t reveal anything new about the PS3. Well, Mr. Ken Kutaragi was a speaker at WPC Expo in Tokyo, but he didn’t really say much.

Today’s new buzzword, introduced by Kutaragi during his speech, is “Reality Synthesis.” Kutaragi used this term (he said it in English) to describe what he feels is the core of the PS3: “creating a real time world in real time.”

Kutaragi also tossed out many of the concepts Sony’s been using in tandem with the PS3 since the start, from home servers to interconnected CELL processors. The CELL will allow for multiple streams of noise-free high definition video with a wide dynamic range and high frame rate. Using a home server featuring multiple CELL processors, you’ll be able to download contents from the internet using high speed connections and up convert it in real time before playing on the PS3. And so on….

Yeah I know, all stuff we’ve heard before.

IGN: PS3: Reality Synthesizer

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PS3 Under $400 in Japan?

John thinks I’m going crazy. He could be right. I’m wandering through a vast desert endless drought infinite void exiguousness measure of info about the PS3 and coming up empty. My knuckles are getting sore from scraping barrel bottoms for information about the PS3. Lately all I’ve found in the cracks is rumours. Rumours to squash, abolish, or relish.

This one falls into the abolish category.

Some famously reliable source says the PS3 will go for below 40,000 Yen when released in Japan. That’s about $350 right now.


I just can’t bring myself to care. I mean really. Do you think this rumour has any basis in fact? You gotta know GOTTA KNOW that if this turns out to be true it’ll be pure happenstance. Today the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot is about $40 million (Cdn). The chances of winning are the same as flipping a coin and having it come up heads 24 times in a row. If someone wins the jackpot, we should all go and ask that dude what the PS3 price will be. After all, what are the chances that he’ll be right? – PS3 Under $400 in Japan?


Nintendo : Simultaneous Revolution Release

If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? What if your adversaries jumped?

Microsoft, as we know, is basically doing a simultaneous worldwide release of their Xbox 360 console. (If you don’t live in Africa or other sundry places.) Now Nintendo wants to do the same with their Revolution (after March 2006, but before December 31 2006).

So what does this mean for Sony? Are the screws turning, pressuring Sony to follow suit?

Somehow, I don’t think so. Frankly, I think Sony’s gonna go on their own merry way and do whatever they would have anyway. Which is probably not a simultaneous worldwide release but who really knows?

But lets take a look at a couple reasons why Sony should do a simultaneous worldwide release.

  1. Because if they don’t, it means I’ll probably have to wait longer.
  2. Because if they don’t, it means Gavin‘ll probably have to wait longer. And gosh, he does such a great job with that podcast, he deserves better.
  3. So that I can watch movies and play games in HD that much sooner.

Meh. I couldn’t think of any more reasons. Where’s David when I need him? – Nintendo to aim for simultaneous Revolution release

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