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Dreamcast and Xbox 360 | has a fascinating look a the Dreamcast and Xbox 360, and how they compare. First they give 23 similarities between the two systems and their launches. Then they give 10 reasons why the Xbox 360 launch will succeed versus the Dreamcast’s failure.

Some of the 23 reasons include:

  • Plays previous generation games under emulation.
  • Unable to play the latest in cutting edge movie media (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray).
  • Launching a year before the competition (likely).
  • Software medium (DVD-9) criticized as having not enough capacity by some developers.

Some of the 10 reasons why the Xbox 360 will succeed where the Dreamcast failed:

  • Following on the heels of the very popular Xbox.
  • Has the full support of EA, with a whole lineup of titles at launch.
  • Backwards compatible (mostly). (Though I have my doubts. We’ll have to see.)
  • [Microsoft] Can, and will, spend whatever it takes to make the Xbox 360 a success.

It’s a fun read. Do you think they got anything wrong? – Dreamcast 2.0

  • What about the fact that everyone knows (at least a lot of people) know that everything that Sony says is hype. It might be completely accurate but they aren’t saying it because it is true they are saying it because it is hype. It wouldn’t matter if the PS3 was an updated BetaMax player. They would still say two monitors at 1080p and 120 fps and all that. Sony hype killed the Dreamcast, Sony hype will only sting the 360. The PS3 will be really sweet though.

  • I really don’t think it’s helping Sony’s cause that they’re being so mum about the PS3. Give us some info, it’ll make us much happier.