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GTA PS3 Exclusive? |

I, um, well. I have a confession to make.

It’s really hard for me to say this, but I figured it’s going to come out eventually, so here it goes.

I’ve never played GTA.

Yeah, I know. I know! But, well, I don’t really like that style of game, you see? And I really prefer multiplayer games so that I can sit with some friends and talk trash, live (in the real sense of the word), about the gaming skills of my not-any-longer-if-they-don’t-wise-up friends.

So you see, when I hear that the upcoming next-gen GTA will be a PlayStation 3 (PS3) exclusive title, I gotta say I don’t much care really. Except for the fact that it’s good news for the platform, of course. But I won’t be picking it up. And I’m sure Rockstar will really be hurting… 🙂

Gamer Andy – Begun this Console War has.. GTA IS CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE

  • I’ve never played GTA either. Driving around town acting like a thug just doesn’t apeal to me. 😉

  • I’m with ya.

  • fred

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  • dean’o

    its suprising how many people havent, i know quite a few who just say ‘its s**t’ without playin it. personally im a fan, i love the feeling that you’re able to go anyway and do anything, but i can see why it doesnt appeal to people.