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HDTV Buyers Guide for Next Gen |

HD Beat has an HDTV buyers guide for XBox 360 owners.

If you’re looking to get an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 (PS3), this guide will apply equally to both. Except for one thing. The guide mentions that there will be no HDMI/DVI for the Xbox 360 (also backing up my article). This is not the case for the PS3. So if you’re planning on buying a PS3, getting an HDTV with HDMI is very important. You could go halfway and get an HDTV with DVI/HDCP (which is what I did last year before HDMI was commonplace), but really, HDMI is better.

HD Beat – HDTV Buying Guide: Xbox 360 Edition

  • Francois Methot

    I rencently bought a Gateway 21 inch lcd monitor. It is 16:10 widescreen DVI HDPC compliant, do you think I will be able to use the dvi connection to connect a ps3? If so will the PS3 be able to provide the native 1650×1050 resolution?

    By the way, if you want to try XBox360, there is a demo unit in every BestBuy.

  • Thanks Francois. I’ll have drop by BestBuy! (WalMart here doesn’t have them.)

    The PS3 probably will not provide a resolution of 1650 x 1050. Your monitor will have to scale any signal the PS3 gives it to that resolution. Check your monitor’s manual to see if it would do so. If it was a TV, it probably would. But since it’s a monitor, you’d have to check.