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Gaaaarrrr! PGR3 is Two-Player! |

I own a PS2. One day I’ll own a PS3. But I have to admit that the most fun I have playing video games these days is playing PGR2 at my friend’s house against three of my friends. PGR2 ROCKS! My friend plans on getting an Xbox 360, so I was really looking forward to playing PGR3.

I just discovered a minute ago that PGR3 for the Xbox 360 will only support up to two players locally. That sucks!

First, I hear that the game is really rendered at 1024 x 600, then upscaled to 720p. Crap. Then I hear that the game will only have five locations: Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York, London, and Germany’s Nurburgring. Crap. All my favourite European locations are gone. Now I find out that I can’t play PGR3 with three other friends at the same time! Quadruple crap.

Where’s the fun in that?

Bizarre Online Forum – 4 players simulatiously on one XBOX360 ?

  • Reason: They had to rush to get the game out by 360 launch next week.

    Eh, I just made that up, but you never know. I, too, enjoyed PGR2. Its too bad they seemed to scale down the experience in the new game.

  • Scaled down is right. They went from, what, 10 locales to 5?