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More on Revolution HD |

I just found this article and so I have to continue yesterday’s topic about HD on the Revolution.

It looks like 82% of home in America will have HDTV access by 2010. Now, that doesn’t mean that they’ll have HDTV televisions, but this is still an indicator that HDTV is on the move and gaining momentum.

I don’t think it’s a wise move for Nintendo to play themselves out of the game. It’s like their folding their hand without even seeing the cards.

HD Beat – 82% of homes HDTV equipped by 2010

  • Steve

    I think your analogy might be apt, but I don’t fully agree with your assessment. This is exactly like folding your cards in Texas Hold’Em, without seeing the flop. I think they see their first too cards, and this doesn’t seem to be money making. So, they are folding instead of paying the blind to stay in.

    Nintendo takes their chances, but they do so on their terms. They don’t do what everyone else thinks they should do. It’s continuing here. I think this is a good move by Nintendo anyway. The Revolution will sell (if it sells) on 2 things. One is games made for their quirky controller that can’t be pulled off on the others. Second is the classic Nintendo games being updated. So, if these 2 things come through, HD won’t matter. If they don’t, Nintendo wouldn’t sell with HD anyway.

  • I’m just learning poker (played for the first time two weeks ago) so bear with me!

    Not sure I agree. HD is the upcoming thing. I know that if the PS3 didn’t support HD I’d buy an Xbox 360 instead, even after trash-talking Microsoft in a recent post. 🙂