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Chat While Gaming on PS3 |

PS3Now that the furor has died down a bit about the lack of a centralized gaming service for the PS3, I just thought I’d bring up this old interview with Masayuki Chatani, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer from two months ago.

In it, they ask about HDMI, dual screen support, and chat:

Q. You must have a good reason to add 2 HDMI transmitters, what usage do you expect for dual HDMI?

A. It’s purely because we wanted to add them. Since multi display expands gaming like a horizontally wide dual display or an extended game screen, we’ve wanted to add it at any cost. You don’t have to connect 2 HDTVs, a small sub-display is enough.

Q. This is related to the OS too, when you have a communication tool (such as IM) in the firmware and play games talking with your buddies by the same tool, can you use a sub-display even in games that don’t support dual display?

A. Yes. A communication tool is embedded in the firmware of course. You want to communicate while gaming, don’t you? You can popup a chat window in the main screen or in the sub screen.

You know PSP has much more functions in the OS than PS2 does. Likewise, the PS3 system will be extended and evolved one, in which a communication tool via internet is included.

So if you decide to splurge on a nice HDTV before you get your PlayStation 3 (PS3), you might want to keep your old TV around for chat purposes. Though you won’t need it, it’ll be nice to have. I thought that was so cool, and I never saw anybody talking about it. A smaller screen to the side of your main screen, and it actually being useful! I can imagine this happening a lot as people upgrade to HD.

The only problem is, dual screen support is done through two HDMI ports. Mr. Chatani said that the second television doesn’t need to be an HDTV. But most non-HDTV televisions on the market today don’t support HDMI. Hmmm. Maybe that means the PS3 will support two displays either using (A) two HDMI outputs, or (B) one HDMI output and the multi-out. Interesting… I hope that’s the case. – Sony’s Chief Technology Officer Talks PS3

  • Tomas

    Shouldn’t it be possible to convert the signal from HDMI to SCART/S-VIDEO or at least something? I would understand if I couldn’t get HDTV resolution on my older TV :p

  • Well, you don’t need to output an HD signal on the HDMI connection. It can be SD (standard definition) if the PS3’s software supports it. The problem is that it’s digital. You’d need some kind of device to convert the HDMI signal from digital to analog. I don’t know of any that aren’t built into a TV set! 🙂

  • Jordan

    Please for the love of g-d make the PS3 have full TIVO functionality! Add to that the ability to transfer your TIVO’d favorites to PSP 1.5 (hard drive) and now you have something!

    Other than that, having two HDMI’s would really help sports, FPS, and other games where you don’t want your opponent to see your part of the screen.