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PS3 Leading In 2007, Again |

Gosh you know, it’s almost getting to be routine.

There’s another huge report, this one weighing in at 27 pages by a firm called “Research and Markets”. Kind of a generic name, I know. But it’s really a company! I looked it up. Anyway, they have this well-researched report, I’m sure, that says the PlayStation 3 (PS3) will be top of the heap come the end of 2007. The report also says that “The next-generation console market as a whole will actually peak in 2008 according to the report, eventually generating $21.9 billion, whereas software sales will rise through 2010 at $16.8 billion.” Hmmm, interesting.

I find it hard to believe any of these reports, because they’re trying to do something humans have been famously bad at: predicting the future. Maybe we need some of those future-seeing elevators from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the book series, not the movie). But for what it’s worth, the pile of reports declaring a PS3 victory seems to be getting rather large. – PS3 Leading In 2007, Says Report