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PS3 Controller Design Not Changing |

controllerAccording to Joystiq:

According to Japanese gaming-mag Famitsu, a Sony exec has denied rumors that a redesigned PS3 controller would be unveiled at this January’s CES in Las Vegas.

This could mean one of two things:

1. It could mean exactly what it says. That a new controller will not be unveiled at the CES. That doesn’t mean that a new controller can’t be unveiled at any other time – just not at CES.

2. No new controller will be shown at CES because there will be no new controller. This would be bad. I’ve complained about the controller before. Not necessarily because of it’s strange looking design or small size, but because there’s no added functionality. Like triggers! Boy, wouldn’t triggers be nice?

I need to make a huge placard that says “Give me triggers!”

Joystiq – PS3 controller design here to stay, according to Sony exec

  • Brandon

    Triggers? It already has pressure sensing buttons. Adding full blown triggers would just mean that you would have to move a further distance (which, coincidently, is most XBox gamers’ reason for not liking the PS2’s analog sticks.) I’d rather have the faster button action with the shorter range of motion. Besides, would triggers work well since there are two shoulder buttons? Have L1 be a button and L2 be a trigger? Too inconsistent.

  • L1 and R1 buttons.
    L2 and R2 triggers.

    Like the new Xbox 360 controller design. Microsoft does do some things right! 🙂

    I would love that. I play racing games on both the PS2 and the Xbox, and I like the triggers much better for acceleration and braking than the analog stick. For one, you can brake and accelerate at the same time which, believe it or not, is useful.

    And while the buttons are currently analog, that doesn’t really get used in practice. I have no game where that is useful.

  • Brandon

    I use nothing but the buttons in Gran Turismo 3 and 4. After playing PGR 2 a bit, I really got used to using the XBox’s triggers but when I go back to GT4, I don’t feel like I am at a loss. It would be a shame if Sony went to an inconsistent “L1 and R1 are buttons, L2 and R2 are triggers” design but hey, there are always 3rd party controllers for stuff like that.

  • Third party controllers can only do so much without software support. I’ve been championing triggers just because I like them so much. I don’t think it would be too inconsistent to have L1/R1 as buttons and L2/R2 as triggers. The Xbox 360 does it, and it works out well.

  • I f many of you don’t know the PS3 controller is pretty comfy because is acctually a little bit bigger than your middle finger(if you don’t know the actual size search in the internet there atre a lot of pics regarding to its actul size

    Also I think that this controller is going to be more comfortable than the old PS2 and PSX one, OHHHH and for those saying that it sucka and it looks like a boomerang and that is going to be uncomfortable then I have only one thing to say “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER GIVE IT A TRY FIRST” Sony hasn’t let us down before why should Sony led us down when it comes to Next Gen Consoles I’m pretty sure they have a reason of comfortness behin all that bad jokes of the bannana controller or the boomerang WELL THANX FOR READING THIS AND REMEMBER THIS PS3 IS GOING TO !!!!!!!!!ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s been no indication that the new controller is any different outside of a cosmetic redesign. I hope that’s not the case.

  • Maybe, if the world rebells against the controller they’ll (SONY) change it

  • chris

    a third party will release a ps2 dual shock for ps3 anyway so no problems i suppose

  • ZAvenger

    A set of triggers would be very nice indeed, specially for driving games like GT4, where better accelerator control can make a big difference. Thrustmaster made a nice controller with triggers added to the buttons already there. I suppose you just need to use index finger on the triggers, since I don’t think many ppl put both pointer and the index button on the triggers. Although I suppose you can always get a race wheel with pedals for racing games. Does anyone know if PS3 will support PS2 controllers like the PS2 supports PS controllers?

    And since xbox is moving closer to the design of the PS2 controller, I suppose PS2 got it right, right?

  • I don’t think that PS2 controllers will work with the PS3. Unless they make some kind of PS2 port to USB interface, and the PS3 understands it.

  • ZAvenger

    Dam, no Ferrari race wheel for me 🙁