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Played Xbox 360 Today |

I went by my local Best Buy today to pick up an RF splitter and check out the Xbox 360. I’ve never seen an Xbox 360 in real life, I don’t know what I was waiting for. I was in for a treat.

I played Call of Duty 2 and it was great. The detail was amazing. The textures were great, the HD was wonderful. I literally saw the allure of next-gen systems. I also played King Kong battling it out with a t-rex. Also very cool.

The controller was very nice. The shoulder buttons seemed a little cheap, however. Otherwise it was great. Controlling my soldier was easy, once I inverted the camera. (Annoyingly, the option for this was not in the control menu.)

The only problem was the demo system. I wanted to try Kameo and the system put me through so many logo screens and introductory cinematics that I actually gave up. Quite annoying.

  • aces high

    Good morning.

    I am thinking of buying Call of Duty 2 for the pc and I found this blog via google. I would like to know if any of your blog readers would recommend this game? I have read some reviews and it seems to be a good game, but i try to get as many opinions as possible before parting with my cash.

    Any help would be great. Cool blog by the way.