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Bluetooth PS3 Controllers |

Thanks to lynux3 at the Gamespot forums I found this article about the Bluetooth used in the PlayStation 3 (PS3). I don’t see any timestamp on this article, so I don’t know how old it is, but I found it interesting, so I thought you might as well.

First of all, they point out that the PS3 will use Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, which is nothing new. It’s in the PS3 specs. This means that it’ll support seven controllers. The PS3 itself is the eighth Bluetooth device. They point out that Bluetooth 2.0 devices have a range of 30 feet or greater, which I didn’t know. That means I don’t have to worry about the range, because I’ll probably never get further than 10 feet. But at least I know I have the space if I need it.

The report also says that “The reports from Sony are that the Bluetooth PS3 controllers will have a battery life of up to 24 hours, which is similar to other devices using Bluetooth technology.” The real question is: what happens then? Do I plug it in for a charge, or do I have to replace the batteries? It better be the former! If the latter, then lots of people will be really ticked.

Bluetooth 2.0 EDR can transmit data at rates up to 3.0Mbps. Even if for whatever reason it can only achieve 1.0Mbps (or less), that should still be plenty of bandwidth for lag-free gaming.

BlueTomorrow – PlayStation Will Utilize Bluetooth Technology in its PS3 Controllers

  • Martin Hansen

    The controllers will recharge using the USB 2.0 ports. This was mentioned at the E3 press conference. My guess is also that PS3 will support at least one extra controller that is not wireless. To get rid of the kinda odd number of 7 controllers. Technically PS3 could support 7 via bluetooth, 6 via USB and even some using the built in wireless. The PSP itself will be used as a controller via wifi. Maybe we will even see some third party mod that allows for different controllers, using wifi. Maybe even the XBOX 360 controller.

    If Sony don’t mess up the bluetooth there should be open and clear for third party controller using bluetooth because all bluetooth devices are designed to talk to each other.

  • That was news to me, it sounds cool though. I am definately waiting for the PS3…already have one pre-ordered. 😉

  • Yup, definitely interesting. I hope this ends up being a feature that gets much use, because there are just so many possibilities. And it’s good to hear about the USB recharging. I hadn’t heard that.

  • keeeeeerth

    the reason there’s only 7 controllers able to utilise the blue-tooth is because of a device similar to wi-fi sony are implementing in it…