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Bad GameCube. Bad! |

First half operating profit free-falled 51% for Nintendo, as GameCube sales took a serious turn up a dead-end road.

Nintendo, known for games featuring characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon, is expected to report a decline in revenue for the full year as GameCube console and software sales taper off and as it is hurt by a price cut for its DS portable game machine, which it launched about a year ago.

Bad third party support. No online play. No DVD player. Gosh, I hope Nintendo learns a lesson as it designs the Revolution. Give people what they want!

CNET News – Poor GameCube sales zap Nintendo

  • Does the PS2 have any good online games other than Final Fantasy XI? The GameCube has a decent amount of quality games and I prefer the console way over the PS2. And no centralized online service has been reported for the PS3 so I’d say the Revolution is going to do pretty well.

  • I don’t really keep track of which good online games there are for the PS2, because I prefer couch multiplayer (where my friends and I are all in the same room). But I do know that lots of people use the PS2 to play online games, so there must be some good ones. For example, I know that Champions of Norrath, one of my favourite games, is pretty good online, even with its quirks.

    A friend has a GameCube and he says there’s no way he’ll buy another Nintendo product. He’s getting tired of the kiddy games. For example, he can’t find a decent 4 player car racing game.