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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Sony Moving to Main Floor at CES

November 23, 2005 |

Does this portend great things for the PlayStation 3 at CES? Will revelations be revealed to revel in?

Sony is making a big stomp at C.E.S. in January by making the largest booth at the show. This will mark Sony’s … Read More

Middleware and the Developer

November 23, 2005 |

PSINext has a great article dispelling some of the myths around middleware. Middleware? Basically it’s software that developers use to write games. And by “use” I mean the software that actually runs on the console, not just the developer’s computer. … Read More

PS3 Countdown Podcast #8

November 22, 2005 |

Gavin has posted PS3 Countdown Podcast #8.

In this episode…

  • …we hear reports that the PS3 controller’s design is here to stay.
  • …Sony responds to some nasty DRM rumors.
  • …it sounds like PS3 games might not be region-coded.
  • …we … Read More

Wait for the PS3?

November 22, 2005 |

Fortune magazine taunts with a title about waiting for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). But reading the article doesn’t give away anything new.

They point out that the PS3 will have a Blu-ray player, while the Xbox 360 doesn’t. The PS3 … Read More

Xbox 360 Video Cables

November 22, 2005 |

For all of you readers buying an Xbox 360 today or in the near future, GameSpot has an article to help you figure out what video cables to use.

Kinda like my article, but with pictures! Lots of pictures. They … Read More

Japan Analysts Offer PS3 Warning

November 22, 2005 |

Some Japanese analysts think that Sony needs to keep its current 70% market share or they’re in trouble:

In a Reuters article, Hiroshi Kamide, analyst for KBC Securities said, “The risks are surprisingly higher than people think because unless they … Read More

Early Xbox 360 Reviews: So-So

November 21, 2005 | | One Comment

My first experience of an actual Xbox 360 was a good one. I was annoyed at the demo software on the machine, but that’s not the Xbox 360’s fault. All in all I thought it was a great machine. And … Read More

Played Xbox 360 Today

November 19, 2005 | | One Comment

I went by my local Best Buy today to pick up an RF splitter and check out the Xbox 360. I’ve never seen an Xbox 360 in real life, I don’t know what I was waiting for. I was in … Read More