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100 Million PS2’s |

Congratulations Sony!

One hundred million dollars! ** Ahem… ** One hundred million PlayStation 2 consoles! Yup, Sony has now shipped 100 million PS2 consoles, and it breaks down like this:

Cumulative console shipments by territory give a total of 40.65 million units in North America, 37.14 million units in Europe/other PAL territories and 22.22 million units in Japan and other Asian countries.

What’s interesting is that the PS2 has shipped almost double the number of units to North America than to Asia.

Also, there have been 6,200 titles for the PS2 released, which is slightly less than the number of PSone software titles. But still, 6,200 is a very healthy number. I wonder how many of those will work on the PS3?

So, what do you think? Will Sony ship 100 million PS3 consoles within 5 years and 9 months, like the PS2? Or better? Worse? Discuss here or in the forum.

Gamasutra – Sony Ships 100 Million PlayStation 2 Consoles

  • Brandon

    The fiercer competition and higher prices of next generation consoles makes me wonder. I plan on buying a PS3 regardless but it seems like system manufacturers might learn a hard lesson about how much the average consumer is willing to shell out. I would be willing to do without some so-called “features” if it meant knocking $50 or more off the price. I don’t need my video game system to read every card format available, use two ethernet connections and use BlueTooth controllers that have to be charged or have their batteries changed. Who wanders more than a cord-length away when they are playing video games anyway? If Sony sells a wired controller for the PS3, I will buy one as soon as I can. Just as long as the processor is fast, there is a fair amount of RAM in it and it plays whatever the next generation of video disc is, I will be happy… oh, and Linux – I want to be able to write programs for this beast.

  • I have a Logitech wireless controller, and I have to tell you that wireless is awesome! Once you’ve tried it you never want to go back.