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Japanese like 360 more than Revolution? |

Where: Tokyo Game Show
When: September
What: Survey
Findings: Bizarre

At the Tokyo Game Show a few months ago Microsoft got to show off playable Xbox 360 games. That may have been part of the reason that of those surveyed at the show, 23% said they were “looking forward to picking up an Xbox 360”. What about the Revolution? Only 20.3% interest.

Hmmmm… I always thought the Japanese preferred Nintendo over Microsoft. The fact that the Xbox 360 was playable while the Revolution was just a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye may have had something to do with it. And it was just a survey and all. But still.

How did the PlayStation 3 (PS3) do? Seventy percent. That’s 70%.

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GameSpot – Xbox 360 interest tops Revolution at TGS 2005

  • Paul D

    It’ll all depend on the games, and X-box games (sports, racing, etc) don’t tend to interest the Japanese. The current monthly sales in Japan of the X-box are dismal, less than what the original Gameboy Advance still sells (not the SP or DS or the other new one).

    And let me tell you, the DS is *very* popular here. I see it everywhere.

  • This time around Microsoft is trying hard to make games that appeal more to the Japanese. We’ll see how well it works.