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Wow Black looks fantastic!! |

Ne Waza in the forums pointed out this game. It looks great! I mean really great. Awesome explosions, particle effects everywhere, destructable scenery. It’s got it all. If this FPS supports 4 players, I’ll be in heaven!

And it’s a PS2 game!

I know this is a PS3 site, but really. This game looks so great with current-gen hardware, I wonder what next-gen games will look like. Forums – Wow Black looks fantastic!!

  • Tom

    Apparently it’s single player only, they felt it would ruin the experience if they tacked on a multiplayer mode.

    However, I remember this being about the prospect of an online mode, so whether a split screen mode will be implemented I don’t know.

  • Doh!

  • I might have to pick up an Xbox when this game comes out. I watched a video on GameSpot a few weeks ago with one of the developers – same dev house as the Burnout series. They basically had the same mind-set when they set out to make this game. Tons of ridiculously fast-paced action and shit blowing up and being destroyed left-right and center. It’s supposed to have an 80s action movie feel to it.

  • This game is for the PS2 as well, if you have one.

  • shadow

    Black is good:)