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MotorStorm was Realtime! |

The two most impressive E3 demos in my mind were Killzone and MotorStorm. If you’ve seen either trailer, you’ll know what I mean. I. Must. Play. That.


Sony propaganda!
Not real!

Whoa! Back up a minute! Killzone may have not been realtime, but guess what? MotorStorm was! They used an early version of the PS3 to do it, and AI and other code was turned off to do it, but the fact is that the PS3 is capable of those graphics. And that was an older, slower PS3!

Whew! Just amazing.

My next thought of course is that this news is fake. We’ve been there before, and I don’t want that to happen here. But the video shows the head honcho at Evolution Studios talking about the game. And while the wording could have been more clear (doh!) he did in fact say that everything in that video was all PS3. So here’s hoping we didn’t misunderstand!

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[via PS3Today]

Control-Freaks – Videos (in Game News, scroll down to the “Motor Storm on PS3 – video”) – MotorStorm by Evolution Studios

  • This trailer was more impressive that the KillZone trailer in my honest opinion, i thought this was fantastic, and its even more impressive to hear this article. While i’m still not sure on getting a PlayStation 3, i would like to see some “real” in game stuff, especially since the console is due just Spring of next year.

    Henning, any events prior to e3 that we could see some playable stuff?

  • Sony is planning on a huge presence at CES, like we haven’t seen in many years. Supposedly the PS3 will play a role, though how large we don’t know yet. So we’re all waiting anxiously to see.

  • Black Guy

    The demo was a video not realtime. Until I see someone holding a PS2.5 control and manipulating actions on screen in realtime, then I’ll be a believer… Until then, who cares. The said Killzone 2 was realtime but running at 5fps and then played back faster to give the illusion of a higher frame rate ( or something like that)

    Show something real already.

  • francois

    Who care? I do. Personnaly this is the kind of graphic and action I expect from next gen system. Sony put the bar very high with those videos and I hope they are going to deliver what they promise. The future of computing relies on multi-core and parallel processing so I am confident the PS3 can achieve things like we never seen before.