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PS3 Release Date Annoyance |

I looked it up today.

Microsoft announced the release date of the Xbox 360 two months and 1 week before actual release. Announcement date: September 15th. Release date: November 22nd. Before that it was always “before Christmas” or “this year” or “when Allard farts 5 times in a row”.

But for some reason the fact that Sony hasn’t announced the actual release date of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) is being treated as if Sony is doing us wrong. We’re much more than two months away from the release date, so there’s nothing unusual going on here. Sony will announce the release date when they’re good and ready, and it’s their perogative to do so. Of course, I’ll be the first person in line to find out when the release date is.

So chill, man. Enjoy the calm before the storm.

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  • hotcarl

    The reason everyone is so anxious to know hte release date is, Microsoft has already dropped the Xbox 360 on the market. It Makes people get impatient. Wanting desprately to be playing their next gen console of choice. For example, I knew the 360 was coming out, but i couldn’t have cared less. Now, I’m considering buying one depending on how long it’s going to be before I can play my PS3.

  • Good point, but so many things have to come together, and Sony needs to see how they go, so even Sony probably does know yet when they’ll release the PS3. At least no exactly. They probably have a general idea.

  • I think its more of a worldwide thing, Sony have continued to say Spring 2006 for Japan atleast, yet the American’s and European’s are still waiting for any indication at all, we all know what happened to the PSP in Europe dont we?

  • Richard

    The lack of a date doesn’t annoy me, it’s the complete lack of playable demos, specs, etc. Microsoft trickeld information starting long before they announced the date, if it’s coming out in spring 2006, we’re less than 6 months away, I’d just like to see an actual game in development.

  • Microsoft didn’t have playable demos at E3, did they?

  • There was a number of playable Xbox 360 games at E3, I can’t remember which games they where, I know Full Auto was one, i think there was maybe 5 or 6 games but there was some playable games at E3.

  • SpiderMonkey

    I think you kinda miss the point here.

    The concept that “lack of PS3 release date is worrying” starts in the press. In the press, they have these things called contacts and off-the-record discussion and the like. Sure, Microsoft only publicly said Xbox360 was coming out in Nov, in September, but they will have told the people who need to know (the developers, the retailers, the publishers, etc) well in advance of that because they need to build their schedules to that information.

    If those same people are complaining that they haven’t had a PS3 release date yet, then there’s probably good reason for those complaints. I.e. the same backchannel flows of information are saying that developers haven’t been given any particularly definite answers, etc.

  • So far I’ve heard more mainstream media and gamers complain about the lack of a release date, not developers.

  • Gears of War was playable behind closed doors, Full Auto was playable and featured on G4TV, I think NFS: MW was playable, the GTA-like game (i’m blanking on the name) was playable, and a couple others. Not to mention real time trailers of stuff like pgr3, dead rising, doa4, kameo etc.

    So far the best we’ve gotten is the MGS4 video.

  • NexTgen

    and realtime Killstorm

  • NexTgen

    wow im an idiot i was thinking of Killzone and motorstorm…


  • Yeah but Real Time doesn’t mean much, the MGS4 was a real time demo and Kojima said that would run on a Xbox 360.

    I just want to see some in game stuff, playable demo’s

  • I disagree that realtime doesn’t mean much. It means a lot. Realtime means that the hardware is capable of what you see.

    And the fact that Kojima said it could also run on the Xbox 360 is irrelevant. We’ve known for a while that the 360 and PS3 are roughly equivalent in power and we’ll see approximately the same kind of visuals from them. (At least until developers start to use the full power of the 7 SPE’s in the Cell.) The important thing is the games. What games will a given platform offer? Which will have the more compelling games? And the PS3 will have MGS4, which is a major win.

  • SpiderMonkey

    Real time doesn’t mean a thing.

    If the Motorstorm demo was ‘real time’ that means it was running on a PC approximating PS3 specs. Which makes it no better an indicator of potential than creating a mockup render, since both involve guesswork.

    The MGS4 ‘realtime’ thing was totally transparent if you have even the first understanding of game development. The ‘realtime’ demo was a static cube-map, a character and a light. The video was infinitely more than that. That ‘realtime’ demo was a total gimmick. The only thing it proved was that they did expect to be able to have Snake look as detailed as he did in the video.