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Revolution Launch Date and Power? |

ars technica has a great article that ruminates about the rumoured launch date of the Revolution (Thanksgiving next year) and about how powerful it will be (twice the GameCube).

Personally, I think it will be more powerful than twice the GameCube, and I have no thoughts whatsoever about the launch date. But ars technica has some interesting conclusions about a potentially weak Revolution:

The lack of power in the console is striking for another reason, too. If you’ve read Jeremy’s excellent article on game development, you know that studios push heavily for cross-platform titles. With a serious discrepancy between the Revolution and its contemporaries in raw power, this could have three potential effects. The least-likely effect is that the Revolution becomes the Lowest Common Denominator, and ends up being the platform that games are designed for initially. On the opposite side of the spectrum there’s the possibility that Nintendo becomes too niche, and falls further out of the game release cycle than they are now. The last, mostly likely option is that Nintendo’s cross-platform games are moderately customized for the console, with little to no effect on how games play on the offerings from Sony and Microsoft. Will this end up creating a gaming universe where Sony and Microft duke it out on the high-end, while Nintendo is off in its own world? Perhaps. Some would already characterize the current PS2/Xbox/GameCube scenario as precisely that.

Revolution launch, pricing, and scheme? Cheap, SD, and fun.