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Cell Soon more Efficient |

CellThe Cell processor will become more effecient soon, but not soon enough for the PS3 launch.

Power consumption of the Playstation 3’s Cell processor may be reduced by up to 40%, thanks to new technologies developed by IBM and AMD.

IBM and AMD have employed two different techniques which fall into a category known as ’silicon straining’. Essentially, these techniques allow electrons to travel faster, thereby reducing a chip’s power requirements without sacrificing chip performance.

This is great news for the PlayStation 3, which will have lots of electronics packed into a small space. Unfortunately, the new and improved cell will only start being manufactured in the second half of 2006. Not enough for the first generation of PlayStation 3’s. (I hope!) – Cell chip’s consumption reduced by 40%

  • But this still means we could see it in future PlayStation 3’s?

  • For sure. It’ll help Sony make a more efficient PS3 that’ll help reduce costs.

  • Jordan

    If the first generation of PS3’s are as loud and power hungry as my 360, i just might wait for a 40% reduction!

  • 🙂