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New Twist on Co-op Play in MGS4 |

In an interview with Hideo Kojima, he revealed that he was thinking of some cool ways to have a PSP owner join a PS3 game:

“We had the plan for a remote controlled robot for even MGS2, however, due to the specs of the PS2, we couldn’t do it.” Apparently Kojima has even thought about having a second player or even using the PSP to control it, how cool is that.

So a friend plops down on the couch beside you, pulls out his PSP, and scouts out your terrain for you. Cool or what? Now I just need to convince my friends to buy PSPs.

PSM Interview – Hideo Kojima MGS4

  • I’ve just sold my PlayStation Portable, the games aren’t worth the big price tag.

  • I don’t have one personally. I’ve heard that there are a few good games out for it, but that it could really use more for the platform to gain traction against the DS.

  • hotcarl

    It seems like they want PS3 users to have a PSP (transfering old save games, using it as an input for some games, and just the fact that they will communicate so easily is bound to lead to more) I rather like this idea as long as it doesn’t go as far some of the “retarded” things that N did with the gamecube GBA link up (i.e. Zelda, Crystal Chronicles)

    hot carl

  • francois

    I like the PSP. True there is not enough AAA title but Virtua Tennis (39.99$ can), Lumines, Namco Museum (Pacman, DigDug, Galaga), Ridge Racer are all fun games to pick up and play on the go. For more “serious” gaming: PC and PS2.

    Can’t wait to see the possibilities it will offer with the PS3!