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New Twist on Co-op Play in MGS4 |

In an interview with Hideo Kojima, he revealed that he was thinking of some cool ways to have a PSP owner join a PS3 game:

“We had the plan for a remote controlled robot for even MGS2, however, due to the specs of the PS2, we couldn’t do it.” Apparently Kojima has even thought about having a second player or even using the PSP to control it, how cool is that.

So a friend plops down on the couch beside you, pulls out his PSP, and scouts out your terrain for you. Cool or what? Now I just need to convince my friends to buy PSPs.

PSM Interview – Hideo Kojima MGS4


  1. I’ve just sold my PlayStation Portable, the games aren’t worth the big price tag.

  2. I don’t have one personally. I’ve heard that there are a few good games out for it, but that it could really use more for the platform to gain traction against the DS.

  3. hotcarl

    It seems like they want PS3 users to have a PSP (transfering old save games, using it as an input for some games, and just the fact that they will communicate so easily is bound to lead to more) I rather like this idea as long as it doesn’t go as far some of the “retarded” things that N did with the gamecube GBA link up (i.e. Zelda, Crystal Chronicles)

    hot carl

  4. francois

    I like the PSP. True there is not enough AAA title but Virtua Tennis (39.99$ can), Lumines, Namco Museum (Pacman, DigDug, Galaga), Ridge Racer are all fun games to pick up and play on the go. For more “serious” gaming: PC and PS2.

    Can’t wait to see the possibilities it will offer with the PS3!

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