Nintendo History Repeats Itself

I’ve got a quote for you:

Next, never has a system sold well that was less powerful than what came out before it. Never. Ever. Not once. In fact, one could argue it is retarded that a company would release a system that offers less than what came about before. Well, guess what boys and girls, that’s exactly what the Revolution is. Even Nintendo says “it’s less powerful than the PS3.” Here is an exact quote:

“Instead of going for the highest possible performance, which does not contribute to software development, our idea was to create a developer-friendly next generation TV game machine that maintained above-standard capabilities.” – Nintendo

Does that sound about right? Is that what Nintendo intends to do with the Revolution? Well I tricked you. I actually changed the original quote. I changed two lines in the first paragraph. They should actually read:

Well, guess what boys and girls, that’s exactly what the GameCube is. Even Nintendo says “it’s less powerful than the PS2.”

This was originally written back in 2001 or so about the launch of the GameCube. And it looks like Nintendo isn’t learning from their mistakes. The only difference this time around is that they have a fancy shmancy controller. Will that be enough to save Nintendo?

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Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

  1. #1 by Josh on December 16th, 2005

    well.. except that the Gamecube IS more powerful than the PS2. The PS2 dominated despite being technically inferior to both Gamecube and Xbox. Games are what matter.

  2. #2 by Henning on December 16th, 2005 [ 0 Points ]

    I’m not sure how many people would agree with you about the GameCube. Here’s a quote from the article:

    As this seems to be the most disputed part of the essay, I contacted a few programmers who are actually working on the GameCube. The consensus was that the GameCube is easier to make better looking games on in a short time, but if given longer the PS2 would outperform it.

    Just take a look at what they’re doing with the game Black.

    But I definitely agree with you about the games being what matters.

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