What’s a Cheap Console?

What’s a cheap console? $299? $399? $499?

When the PlayStation was first introduced in Japan it cost upwards of $500US.

Late in 1994, there were two videogame systems introduced unto the world. The Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation…and these consoles were not cheap. With the exchange rate at the time, both consoles were well over $500 US each.

When the PS2 was introduced, Sony shocked the world with its $299 price tag State-side. (It was more expensive in Japan.)

So while we North Americans enjoyed a relatively cheap $299 console, others had paid much more than that. So all in all we got a pretty good deal.

Which wasn’t what you got with 3DO. Their console originally sold for, what, $700?

So if Sony decides to charge $399 for a PS3, I’m not gonna complain. At $499, my wallet might hurt a bit, and I’ll have to feed my kids noodles for a week, but it’ll work out in the end. More than that? Hmm….

Acts of Gord – The Book of Chronicles

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

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