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10 Things I Hate about the PS3 |

Here are ten things I hate about the PS3. (Yeah, I know, some of them are a little far fetched. But I wanted to get up to 10 this time, unlike my 8 Things to Know about the PS3.)

  1. HDD not for savegames. Mr. Kutaragi has said that the add-on HDD for the PS3 would be used for media storage and the like. Not for savegames. That’s retarded.
  2. No built-in HDD in every PS3. One of the greatest things about the Xbox was that developers could count on the existence of an HDD. This is no longer the case, and the Xbox 360 has lost one of the major advantages that the original had. Sony had a chance to take over that advantage, but it seems they’re not taking it. There’s always a chance Sony will change their mind, but right now it doesn’t look like it.
  3. No triggers on controller. One of the great things about playing racing games at my friend’s place is that his Xbox controllers have triggers. We don’t have them on the PS3 (AFAIK). I want them!
  4. No PS2 memory card reader. How do I port my savegames from the PS2 to the PS3? I don’t have a PSP to transfer them (if indeed that turns out to be a valid method to do so). Hopefully I can connect a USB cable between the two and they can do a mind meld.
  5. No 802.11a. Sure, the PS3 supports 802.11b/g wireless networking out of the box with no additional adapters required (*cough*Xbox 360*cough*). But what about 802.11a support?
  6. Too many unkowns. We don’t know its launch date or territories yet.
  7. Cell speed. The Cell processor was originally supposed to come out at 4GHz. They’ve since scaled it back to 3.2GHz. Man, it would be nice to have an extra 25% speed boost.
  8. No PGR3. I make no bones about it. The PGR series of games are my favourite racing games. And PGR3 is an Xbox 360 exclusive. (Just like the previous two PGR games were Xbox exclusives.) It only makes me feel a little better that PGR3 is only two player and has much fewer locales than PGR2.
  9. Controller looks kinda dumb. I put this one near the end because it’s not that big a deal. But the controller does look a little weird. But in the end, if it works just as well or better than the previous one, I’ll be happy.
  10. The PS3 is too good to think of 10 things. I really wanted to make this list reach ten, but I just couldn’t do it.

Since I couldn’t think up #10, maybe someone else could help me out…


So far suggestions for #10 have been:

  1. No unified online service. Personally I don’t care, but I know a lot of people do, so…
  2. It looks like a breadbin. πŸ™‚ I think it looks nice!
  • On number 5 you say the XBox 360 may have an additional wireless adapter but it does support Wireless A which is the one advantage to that.

    I can think of one more aswell, no Xbox Live like service (centralised).

  • Good point Hiro. Yup, the Xbox 360 wireless adapter does support 802.11a, which is great.

    As to a centralized on-line service, I coulda put that on there, but then it wouldn’t have been my list. Because I don’t really care.

  • Ah fair enough, but it is a common complaint from alot of PlayStation 3 fans, they where really hoping Sony would attempt to match Microsoft on that front.

  • I don’t expect number 4 to be a real problem. My prediction is that there will be some USB device that can read PS1/2 memory cards and is also an adapter for PS1/2 controller.

  • aperson

    as far as saved games go, wouldn’t you want your saved games to be portable? (media card)

    I’m happy that Sony didn’t go with solely thier memory card and opted for 2 other formats! (cheaper)

  • I’m glad that they added the other memory types, but the fact that they no longer support their old format makes it hard to port savegames over.

    Portability doesn’t really matter to me. My memory cards never leave my PS2.

  • Too many unkowns. We don’t know its launch date or territories yet

    But at least that’s a known unknown, a thing that we know we don’t know. There are also unknown unknowns, things we don’t know we don’t know…

  • I think its a good thing that X360 wi-fi feature is external. In the near future, new wireless technology protocal – 802.11n – is scheduled to be introduced. With the X360, should you desire to implement 802.11n, its a simply matter of adding an adapter (assuming one is released). With the PS3, u don’t have that option but I guess its possible to use one of its 50 USB ports but then you’ll have an outdated 802.11b/g inards with no use. Its a trade off I guess.

  • aperson

    like you said you can use one of PS3’s usb ports to upgrade

  • vin

    Ye thare is to many things we dont know. 16 more days,CES

  • Mr. B

    10 Things i hate about the PS3

    1. late for spring release and if it makes it they will be defective. You cant rush something like the manufacturing process.
    2. Looks like a George Forman Grill
    3. Controller is bad
    4. Hard to develop for, first games will only not be Next Gen for a couple of yrs
    5. Made in China, last time they screwed up and had 4mill defective PS2’s
    6. expensive, thought to be $600 when out. “not for the regular house hold” Ken Kutaragi.
    7. Cheap Graphics card, it’s only a hyped version of a PC Nvidia card…… πŸ˜›
    8. Cell is BUggy, great PC core but not for games
    9. Will over Heat, internal power supply will spark fires after 4-6 hrs of operation
    10. Lens will have trouble with ps1,ps2,dvd’s, Cd’s, Blue ray disc movies and ps3 games. Its too much of a load for any system and if it does work the whole thing will be a slow performer and vulnerable to crashes. Might be easier but more expensive to have 2 lenses and work with emulators.

    As you can see the PS3 sounds wonderfull, but along the lines with all the bugs in the Cell processor i think sony might be forced into letting go the ps1 compatibility. Think about it all the bugs from ps1, ps2, and now ps3 will be concentrated in one machine. It’s true they were all Playstations but each one has its own challenges and now will clash into one giant BUG.