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Yearly Archives: 2005

PlayStation Meeting: Sony Emphasizes Physics

July 22, 2005 |

Careening around a righthand corner, your left front tire blows, and debris spatters the vehicle beside you. Your car body, already low to the ground, makes contact. It wails in protest as it’s forcefully shoved across the pavement, sparks fizzing … Read More

PlayStation Meeting: Sony Aquires SN, Teams with Transmeta

July 22, 2005 |

[Update: Gamespot’s summary]

Sony is aquiring SN Systems Limited. SN Systems is a programing tool provider best known for its ProDG game-builder software. It will continue to provide Sony with its IDE, compilers, linkers, and debuggers. Now that SN Systems … Read More

PlayStation Meeting: The Games

July 22, 2005 |

From Software announced that they’re developing Project Force for the PS3. It seems to be a mech-simulation and runs at 1920 by 1080.

Link: GAMING horizon – Project Force For PS3, Plus Images Link: PS3 IGN – PS Meeting 2005: … Read More

PlayStation Meeting: PS3 Schedule, Dev Kits

July 22, 2005 |

Sony showed off some timelines at the PlayStation Meeting.

Sony Computer Entertainment leader Ken Kutaragi revealed Thursday afternoon his company’s plans to hold a “PlayStation Conference” in Japan in February of 2006. Kutaragi stated that this conference was to be … Read More

PlayStation Meeting: Sony Signs Epic

July 21, 2005 |

Sony has entered a strategic licensing agreement to allow Sony to sublicense Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 framework. The Unreal Engine 3.0 has received quite a bit of attention for its high quality and amazing visuals. This is great step up … Read More

Shadowrun for Xbox 360

July 21, 2005 | | One Comment

I realize that Shadowrun is an RPG first and a series of books second. But I was never a fan of pencil-and-paper RPGs. I am a great fan of science fiction and fantasy literature. So I’ve read many Shadowrun … Read More

MGS 4 May Soon be Seen

July 21, 2005 |

Metal Gear Solid.

One mind. One body. One game.

And it’s coming to the PS3. Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake’s creator, will be revealing details of MGS 4 in August at the Leipzig Games Convention. That’s August 17th to 21st. Mr. … Read More

Resident Evil 5 for PS3 and Xbox 360

July 21, 2005 |

[Update 22jul05: see the trailer]

Confirmed, it is. The abandonment has begun.

Weep and gnash teeth, oh Nintendites. For Capcom, the purveyors of evil in residence, hath uttered words of infamy. Fertile Nintendite soil shall no longer give birth to … Read More