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Yearly Archives: 2005

Feeds on the Fritz?

September 10, 2005 |

I’m currently working on getting the feeds for this site working better. Please tell me if you have any problems.

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PS3 Harder to Develop For?

September 9, 2005 |

Sony has learned its lesson from the PS2. The developer support for the PS2 wasn’t all that great, and Sony expected more third party tools for PS2 development. They learned this lesson well, and with the launch of the PSP, … Read More

MGS4 Real-Time Demo

September 9, 2005 |

At the Tokyo Game Show next week, there will be a trailer of the PS3-exclusive MGS4 done in realtime, run from actual PS3 hardware. And remember that current PS3 hardware is not final.

That’s actual PS3-generated content, apparently, and not … Read More

Sonic Comes to PS3 and Xbox 360

September 9, 2005 |

One of the reasons I bought my Sega Genesis was for Sonic the Hedgehog. It was a great 2D scroller, and I especially liked the fast action.

Well, Mr. Sonic is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, Sega has … Read More

RSX Kind of Compliant

September 8, 2005 |

The PS3’s RSX graphics chip will be programmed using NVIDIA’s CG shading language. And it will support Shader Model 3.0, kinda. Shader Model 3.0 is really a DirectX thing, so to say that the RSX chip, which will not use … Read More

Tokyo Game Show Playable Next-Gen Demos

September 8, 2005 |

It looks like the Tokyo Game Show next week will have a few more Xbox 360 titles on display than PS3 ones. So far only Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4 and Koei’s Ni-Oh have been announced as PS3 games the … Read More

EA Knows Nothing About Revolution

September 8, 2005 | | One Comment

EA’s VP of New Technology Kazuyuki Hashimoto admitted that EA currently knows nothing about the Nintendo Revolution. Mr. Hashimoto knew quite a lot about both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 from EA’s development efforts with those platforms.

Developers … Read More

Shin Megami Tensei by Atlus

September 8, 2005 |

Perhaps we’ll find out more at the Tokyo Game Show, but for now the details are sketchy.

The Shin Megami Tensei series of games, mainly on the PS2, will get a version for the PS3. At least according to Weekly … Read More