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Cell Soon more Efficient

CellThe Cell processor will become more effecient soon, but not soon enough for the PS3 launch.

Power consumption of the Playstation 3’s Cell processor may be reduced by up to 40%, thanks to new technologies developed by IBM and AMD.

IBM and AMD have employed two different techniques which fall into a category known as ’silicon straining’. Essentially, these techniques allow electrons to travel faster, thereby reducing a chip’s power requirements without sacrificing chip performance.

This is great news for the PlayStation 3, which will have lots of electronics packed into a small space. Unfortunately, the new and improved cell will only start being manufactured in the second half of 2006. Not enough for the first generation of PlayStation 3’s. (I hope!) – Cell chip’s consumption reduced by 40%


8 Things to Know about the PS3

There are lots of interesting things about the PS3. Recently there hasn’t been a lot of information forthcoming about the PlayStation 3, but that doesn’t mean there’s not already a lot of information to be had. So I thought I’d put together a list of things about the PS3 that you may not know.

  1. PS3, 1080p, and you. The PS3 has two HDMI outputs. Sure, you knew that. And they will put out 1080p. Sure, you knew that too. But did you know that there are very few displays these days that have 1080p HDMI inputs? You can count them on one hand. There’s the HP MD6580n, the Sony VPL-VW100, and some JVC D-ILA sets (supposedly). So if you want to see the PS3 in its full glory, you might want to wait to purchase that HDTV. Or shop very carefully.
  2. Wi-Fi. The PS3 supports IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, so it’ll connect to your Wi-Fi network, and your PSP as well!
  3. Two Displays. The interesting thing is that you can mix and match an HDTV with a normal SD TV. So if you buy a great HDTV to go with your PS3, don’t throw out that old set! You can use it to chat with friends while playing PS3 games! Or see stats, or anything else a second screen could come in handy for!
  4. Charging Controllers. Many people wonder how the PS3 controller can be charged, or if you’d need to replace the batteries. The answer? You’ll be able to charge them with the USB 2.0 ports using a USB cable.
  5. PS2 Save Games. The PS3 will be backwards-compatible with the PS2. But what about savegames? There may be a way… hotcarl mentions in “10 Reasons to Wait for the PS3” that plugging a PSP into the PS2 using a USB cable makes it show up in the PS2 menu screen as just another memory card slot. You might be able to save games onto the PSP, then load them up onto the PS3. Wouldn’t that be cool?
  6. Bluetooth. Bluetooth is for more than just wireless controllers. It’s for keyboards, mice, headsets, dentistry, and more. The PS3 is a Bluetooth hub that can connect with up to 7 Bluetooth devices. The PS3 itself is the 8th Bluetooth device.
  7. Release Date. Everyone assumes that the PS3 will launch in the spring in Japan and Christmas 2006 in North America. However, Sony has not said this. This is just speculation. We can still hope for a North American spring release! Though I have to admit that, going by Sony’s past history, chances are slim. But who knows – Sony now has someone new at the helm. Things may be different this time around.
  8. Warner Brothers. Did you know that the inclusion of a Blu-ray drive in the PS3 is one of the main reasons that Warner Brothers decided to back the Blu-ray standard? Now only one major studio hasn’t voiced support for Blu-ray (Universal).

So there you have it. If you know any interesting tidbits that you think belong on this list, or of any corrections, please contact me or reply to this post here or in the forums.


RE5 PS3 and 360 Simultaneous?

The fifth installment of the smash hit Resident Evil series might debut for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the same time.

In an interview published in Xbox360ism (a special edition of Dorimaga), Capcom Research & Development division chief Keiji Inafune said he expects Resident Evil 5 to be released simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 if possible.

“We want to grow the Resident Evil series into a multi-platform franchise, so we hope to release it simultaneously [on the two next-generation consoles],” Inafune told Xbox360ism. “But since we don’t know the launch period for the PS3 yet, so it’s hard to say [if we can].”

Hmmm. So maybe developers are a little too much in the dark about the PS3 after all. (I can admit when I’m wrong!)

GameSpot – Resident Evil 5 debuting simultaneously on 360, PS3?

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Analysts Shmanalysts

360Japanese analysts are trash-talking the 360, comparing it to the PlayStation 3 and complaining about its lack of newly-developed titles for the Japanese launch.

As a long time reader, you probably know my opinion of analysts. With their crystal balls and soothsaying, how can you trust them?

So even though they’re predicting a walk in the park for the PS3, my personal console of choice, I still won’t believe it till I see it.

“We had previously thought that Xbox 360 could gain a major share of the Japanese market by taking some market share from front-runner Sony Computer,” says an analyst for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. “But we now think that such a prospect may not be realized, given the limited attractiveness of its titles and its lukewarm functions.”

“No one — consumers or software makers — has been talking about the Xbox 360 lately, although we only have a couple of days before the release,” said another analyst from Tokai Tokyo Research Center. “Given also the fact that basic functions of Xbox 360 are inferior to Sony’s next-generation machine, and that there are not many newly-developed titles ready for the Japanese launch, Xbox 360 is not likely to become a must-buy console here in Japan,” he added. – Japanese Analysts Diss the Xbox 360

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