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Monthly Archives: January 2006

PS3’s 2006 Game Lineup

January 31, 2006 |

Hmm. Have you ever wondered, which of those 102 games announced as being in development for the PS3 at the TGS show last year have actually been announced as being released in 2006? If you’re thinking thoughts like those, then … Read More

PS3 Countdown 10

January 31, 2006 |

Gavin has released PS3 Countdown 10, which covers the following topic:

  • Destination PlayStation
  • Sony removes games list from website
  • Virtua Figher 5 confirmed for PS3
  • More PS3 dealy rumblings
  • PS3 may launch for $500
  • PS3 Developer’s Conference
  • SOCOM developer … Read More

PS3 Programming for Possession

January 30, 2006 | | 8 Comments

Keith Stuary did an article for the Official PlayStation 2 magazine about the development of Possession for the PS3. Now he can talk about what he learned, and it’s quite interesting.

First of all, the PS3 uses OpenGL, an open … Read More

Console War Questions

January 27, 2006 | | 9 Comments

Someone recently asked me a couple questions about the next-gen console war, and I thought I’d post my answers here (with small clarifications) in case anyone is interested.

1. How smart was Microsoft’s strategy in getting the system out before … Read More

New Poll: Revolution vs GameCube

January 27, 2006 | | 3 Comments

Related to my discussion of the Revolution in my post about the console war, I have a new poll for you.

Will the Revolution play a larger role than the GameCube did?

Yes – much larger. (Takes significant market share … Read More

Moore on PS3 Launch

January 26, 2006 | | 2 Comments

Way back when, a long time ago, Gates made some remark about PS3 coming out and BAM! meeting Halo 3 in the market. Like Halo 3 would have some kind of impact on the sales of the PS3. I wrote … Read More

PS3 Easier than PS2

January 25, 2006 | | 10 Comments

This bit of “news” has been making the rounds recently and I thought I’d put in my two cents. The Killzone tester who writes this later in the thread even complains how everybody’s quoting him, which I find amusing. This … Read More

PS3 Predictions

January 24, 2006 | | 4 Comments

A reader sent me this link because it is a noteworthy article about how all the conjecture about the PS3’s release date is pretty well worthless. Which is true. It is. Nobody knows the mind of Sony, and Sony has … Read More