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No PS3 Announcements at CES 2006 |

PS3Unless Sony is lying throught their teeth to keep the wraps on some secrets, it looks like there won’t be any PS3 related announcements at this year’s CES.

Major bummer.

TG Daily – Sony: No PlayStation 3 announcement at CES 2006?

  • hotcarl

    “CES 2006 Preview: Will low-power, digital life, and rights management sell to consumers?”

    “7. # Sony PlayStation 3: Can it ship where Xbox 360 couldn’t? After the news of the Xbox 360 premiere’s rousing success has faded, we start to see some evidence of significant problems. Just like ATI discovered last year, Microsoft can’t exactly create new customers when it can’t ship its products in pace with demand. And while visions of prospective customers parked outside of Circuit City in their tents and raincoats, create free publicity for a product, after awhile, people start to lose sympathy for consumers standing in line for video games while others are standing in line for jobs, or even homes. If PlayStation 3 is going to capitalize on this, it needs to be ready to ship in volume. Are the stores ready? Are consumers ready…moreover, are they willing? Or did Xbox 360 satisfy their curiosity, if not their demand? (By the way, we’ve also heard something about a little heating problem that, if you know someone at Microsoft, you might ask them to look into.)”

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    hot carl,
    is a holla back grrrl

  • I have a feeling there will be PS3 shortages as well. I’ll preorder mine as soon as I can.

  • No… but they could cut the PS2 price to 99 bucks