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PS3 Delay pure Speculation? |

PS3There has been a lot of talk that Sony can’t possibly release the PlayStation 3 this spring. GameSHOUT says that they’ve received another confirmation from Sony that the PS3 is indeed on track to ship this spring.

Now, of course Sony would say that, wouldn’t they? But time is running out. If we don’t get some details soon, it’ll be a good indication that Sony doesn’t have anything to show. If indeed Sony is launching this spring (which is five months away at the latest) they should have pretty final hardware by now and the games should be in the polishing off stages. But we haven’t seen any indication of this, so I’m anxiously awaiting what CES will bring us.

Delay? Or not? Hmmm… maybe I should make that the poll question.

GameSHOUT – Sony PS3 delay is pure speculation

  • UbiSoft seem to think the PS3 won’t be released before september 2006… so the rumours continue, don’t you just love it?

  • Black Guy

    I think if they were going to drop in Sping, Sony would have shown something more substantial than video demonstrations (realtime or prerendered). To my knowledge, when a new console is about to drop, the press and their grandmothers have already gotten their hands on the thing well in advance of the release. It makes sense, the company would want to hype their product up and have fans salivating with animalistic anticipation by this point.

    Me thinks that PS3’s father (as he is called), probably talked too much trash for his own good and Sony let him do it; probably in an effort to curb the X360. I don’t think that Sony is ready to deliver the Killzone and Motorstorm they wowed the gullibes with back in the day and MGS4 or other big franchises are probably no where near complete (speculating). Fight Night will be on X360 and chances are UT 2007 will be too. So I’m curious as to what this thing is going to offer that would compel others to wait so long especially with Revo coming next year too.

    Even a Xmas selling season might be pushing it. If Sony hasn’t been able to show games that can stop world hunger as promised that are far enough in development by now, I doubt that they’ll have anything much better than what is currently available. I don’t think they’re going to deliver on their promises… AGAIN. Maybe things can change but 5 months can go by mighty fast and its a lot of room for a competitor to build more momentum.