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External HD DVD Drive for Xbox 360 |

Microsoft has announced an external HD DVD player for the Xbox 360. Price was not revealed, and it will go on sale later this year. I’m unsure of why anyone would want an external HD DVD drive. Instead, Microsoft should scrap the core Xbox 360, and instead make the current HDD 360 the core system. Then add an HD DVD player to that, which would then become the expanded system.

Make sense?

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  • Black Guy

    Bad idea. Too many ppl already bought the X360 in its current form. Introducing such a significant upgrade to a game console – especially this early in its life – will effectively kill the system. MS will loose the confidence of consumers and with it, any chance of growth and Xbox 3.

    Besides this is an accessory add-on not intended for gaming purposes. If you want HD DVD get it, ppl like me who could care less or prefer buying such a device for my home theater instead, this won’t appeal.

  • hotcarl

    M$ officially just “F’d” themselves. They already lost out on “Forcing” HD dvd into peoples homes. Now their trying to say that next gen DVD is important for consoles. I mean, if you want a next gen console and you want next gen dvd which is better… $400-500 (my best guess) for a PS3 with Blueray included for movies and GAMES or $400 for a 360 plus X( any idea how much these will retail for) for an ad-on that will play next gen movies. If they end up incorporating it into the console and using it for games , they’ll have a nice system but they’ll have pissed off however many millions of people already own the system with the regular dvd drive. And, by the point they could do that affordably PS3 will be available and probably in millions of blueray supporting homes. The 360 needed HD DVD to survive against PS3, and HD DVD needed the 360 to survive against Blueray. The core audience for the 360 are gamers and gamers aren’t gonna shell X hundred dollars extra for this ad-on (especially since alot of them already shelled out $600+ for a new tv( pontentially alot more +’s to that 600).

    Sorry, I kinda went off on a rant there and i’m not sure if it ended up with a point so here it is: (I don’t know numbers and i’m not an annalyst so these sales figures are just made up BS) Let’s just assume for a second by the end of the year the 360 sells 10 million units and PS3 only sells half that, ps3 selling half of what 360 has maybe close due to differrence in release dates. With that figure M$ would have to have a 50% adoption rate with the HD DVD drive to even split the market with PS3 and Blueray. I just don’t see them hitting that i bet they won’t get 5%. This is due largely to Japan genereally supporting new electronics much quicker than us here in North American. With the way the 360 is doing in Japan this will all get squashed over there when the PS3 is released.

    I hope that makes sense,
    hot carl

    P.S. I mentioned earlier about the psp being able to back up ps2 save data (and pontentially transfering said data to the ps3), well thats only kinda true you need this