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Eleven 360 Mistakes the PS3 might Have Too |

FiringSquad has an article listing 11 Xbox 360 mistakes. Is there anything here that Sony can do better with the PS3? I’ll put my guess at the equivalent PS3 probability next to each issue. (0 – not gonna happen, 10 – sure will happen.)

  1. Overheating CPU or GPU. Seeing the problems Microsoft has had with heating issues, Sony can’t help but wonder if they will be plagued by the same issues. Probability: 3.
  2. No MSN Music. FiringSquad complains about the lack of MSN Music or iTunes functionality in the 360. Sony also has such a service, it’ll be interesting to see if it will be integrated into the PS3. Personally, I think it will, but I’m just guessing. Probability: 5.
  3. No HDMI support. Well, the PS3 does have this, so it’s not a problem. Probability: 0.
  4. 20GB is too small. Mr. Ken has said that the PS3 will need lots of disk space, so Sony will probably sell a separate HDD with capacity of larger than 20GB. Probability: 2.
  5. Microtransaction Security. Bugs in the system. Frankly, these teething problems will also probably affect the PS3. Probability: 7.
  6. No Web Browser. The PSP has web browsing capabilities, so I think Sony is learning this lesson. But maybe not… Probability: 4.
  7. No WMV-HD DVD Playback. I think the PS3 will probably have the same problem. Probability: 9.
  8. No MPEG-4 AVI playback (i.e. XviD, etc) AVI being a Microsoft format, I think it likely that Sony’s PS3 will have the same problem. Probability: 8.
  9. No System-Wide Video Calibration. A nice-to-have feature the PS3 probably won’t have either. Probability: 9.
  10. Poor DVD Playback Quality. Who knows? The PS2 wasn’t that great. Maybe the PS3 will suffer the same fate? Probability: 5.
  11. No pressure sensitive face buttons. The PS2 controller already has this functionality, so I doubt Sony would remove it. Probability: 0.

Agree? Disagree? Any problems that FiringSquad missed?

Xbox 360: Back to the Drawing Board

  • Black Guy

    Disagree. I have to wonder if the people who write this have nothing else better to write about. This guy is failing to take into account that these things are game systems, not home computers and that they cost $3-400 (you can’t have everything at that price). The only thing that matters is that the thing plays games and does it well.

    It would be joyous day when haters such as this idiot author stop commenting on Overheating: Not officially confirmed. No one knows for a FACT that the systems are overheating. Think about, MS spent millions developing this product, I think they would have taken into account heating issues; the same goes for Sony. True there could be some isolated occurence of this issue but I’m not buying that is a widespread issue affecting everyone and their grandparents.

    Pressure sensetive buttons? I knew about this for PS2 and Xbox 1 but how many games use that features and how many ppl actually used it?

  • aperson

    my ps2 STILL works as a functional DVD player ( i bought it during launch)

  • Yeah, I’ve heard of several people complain that their original PS2’s no longer work. I bought mine around launch and it still works.

  • HAHA, I started laughing when I read the title…. 11360 that the PS3 might have…. Thats one huge list! Great site, keep it up, and hey, what about those other 11349 PS3 mistakes that you didnt post here? Where are they? 🙂

  • jimmy

    Though for some unknown reason i completely hate the xbox360. I have to say that I doubt the xbox to have some of these problems (mainly the overheating) seeing as microsoft built the wholw thing from scratch. Ps3 will for sure have problems to. Main reason being anything created by humans will always have problems and simply to keep consol prices down they use the cheapest parts they can get their hands on.

  • jimmy

    Henning i had that problem with my ps2 and ended up sending it back to sony which they replaced. Some of my friends work great still reading dvds within 2 seconds, where our second one still takes a while to read. Out of everyone i know who this happened to used it to play dvd videos where no one else did.