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The City Of Metronome by Team Tarsier |

City of MetronomeCity of Metronome is a game I haven’t heard of before for the PS3. It’s a third person shooter where sound is your modus weaponus. From the company’s website:

Venture into the city of Metronome, a sprawling mass of haphazardly built houses and huge steam engines where the outlandish inhabitants are carrying out their chores day and night. A city where the life of every citizen is dictated by the Corporation, a single bureaucratic entity that owns all the land, the entire infrastructure and all the industries.

It actually looks quite cool. Click to see full-size image. More at their website.

Tarsier – The City Of Metronome

  • Black Guy

    This will fail because its not a sequal or based on an existing popular movie. Its also too original of an idea… too original. (Sarcasm)

  • Dandy

    yeah i know… its not that racing game we’ve seen a billion times or that boring FPS we’ve seen over and over… and the graphics.. iik, doesnt look like halo at all… no, wont work… i vote for vertices, the more vertices the more fun!!! a game is not about content/game play or story, its about shaders and vertices, pixels and performance!!! weehoo, i love xbox360, because they have sooo cool and original games, really… (also a load of sarcasm)

    BUT seriously, i hope that PS3 has something up its sleeve to show off high quality content, game play and story. maybe Metronome?