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Poll: What’s the Most you’d Pay |

My first online poll seems to have been a success. The question is “What’s the most you’d pay for a PS3?” Almost 400 of you have cast your ballots, and the race is a virtual tie between $400 – $499 and $300 – $399. Actually, while I’m writing this, it’s an exact tie at 113 votes each. That’s kind of weird. Is anyone out there stuffing the ballot box? Or do you all think that this is a valid representation of what everyone thinks?

  • Black Guy

    iHad to think it out very carefully about placing $450 (tax) on my X360; when iDid it was painful. iWas going to wait for a price drop but just couldn’t do it. iCan’t imagine paying more than that for a game system. $300 is my limit for a new system but iFigured iWould eventually want to buy the other accesories iGot w/ the premium anyway, so iTook the plunge and got it over w/.

  • most i would pay is $300-400, i just got a new PS2 after old one broke just to play gran turismo 4, Gran trismo 5 is supposed to be out 2007 for PS3 so i guess i gotta save up again….