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New Poll: Will the PS3 be Late? |

PS3I’m almost tempted to think Sony won’t make the anticipated spring 2006 PlayStation 2 launch. Reports from left, right, and skyward all say that there’s no way Sony can make it. Like this report from the Inquirer (see link below). But wait a second, if you actually read the article, it says that they don’t expect the PS3 to come out until at least May. May is spring, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, most of June is in spring as well. Hmmm.

I was reading the IGN forums the other day and someone pointed out that the PS2 didn’t have playable demos until one month before launch! Companies like Microsoft like to give lots of details before launching a product. Other companies like Apple and Sony like to keep their little secrets. For example, it was rumoured that Apple would be releasing Intel iBooks at MacWorld Expo. Instead, they announced Intel iMacs and Intel MacBook Pros. Surprise! Sony is the same way. We don’t know what’s going on in there, and we probably won’t until the PS3 is upon us.

Though I’m growing more and more skeptical, I’m also still a little hopeful.

So I’ve changed the poll in the sidebar. Vote now!

the Inquirer – Sony showed off Playstation 3s at CES

  • Jonny

    I think it would have been more useful to have the poll have a range of months for which we could vote when we think the PS3 would come out, e.g. Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug/Sep, Oct/Nov/Dec, 2007.

  • hotcarl

    I say that sony NOT going to try world wide launch but they are going to be quicker in getting it into other countries than they have been with previous releases.

    My guess is Japan = Apr/ May
    North America = Sep/ Oct
    Europe = Nov/ December

    While were at it im gonna go ahead and predict the price

    $399 w/ no hard drive
    two harddrives will be available at launch

    a 20G for $99 and a 40G for $149

    This is ofcourse all BS speculation but i think it sounds pretty reasonable.

    hot carl

  • Black Guy

    Maybe the guy in the forum had a point to an extent; I could see what he was trying to get at. But Apple has an intangible quality radiating from it that garners feverish interest its products. No other company can do this the way Apple does; including Sony.

    I don’t believe Sony has the same liberty to be secretive (like Apple) and wait until the last moment to release something palpable and concrete. You can’t deny the overall success of the X360 thus far and MS is not Sega so don’t even bother making a comparison with Dreamcast. Most things indicate that Revo is going to be hit if only for the virtue of it being a Nintendo product and the franchise they have in their catalogue.

    Maybe Sony set the bar too high with the realtime demos, I mean video, of the games that are supposedly possible on PS3; now they can’t produce and risk embarassment. Maybe the Blue-ray drive, the gigabit LAN port, and multi-AV ouptut is prohibitively expensive to meet an acceptable manufacturing cost. If they had something, they would have showed it by now if only to slow the momentum of their competitors; they’r not “red E”.

  • I don’t agree that if they had something they’d have shown it by now. History with the PS2 has shown that they don’t necessarily do that. And just because you think Apple’s the only one that can get away with it, doesn’t mean that Sony won’t try.

  • Black Guy

    With PS2 who was Sony’s competitor? Dreamcast, which was done from the start (it did have some good games though). It was underpowered and made by a company with poor track record at that point. There was no Xbox, no Gamecube, and when PS2 was announced interest in DC began to drop. PS2 pretty much had the market to themselves and had the liberty to do as they please.

    The landscape is different now. Following past practices will not lead to similar subsequent events today. If they keep trying to be hard they risk loosing customers. As far as Apple, its not that I think its the only company that can get away with it, but I have yet to see any others pull it it off. Do you know of any? Sony doesn’t have that kind of image anymore to do it, so…

  • observer

    This news posting restated exactly what I said last week in my posted comment on this site. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery!

    Black Guy, I completely disagree. You don’t think that the PS3 has generated feverish interest? They aren’t exactly hurting for publicity. News sites are constantly running stories on every tiny morsel and scrap of PS3 gossip they can find even when there is really nothing to report.

    When people hear the same thing over and over they start to believe it. Lots of people are saying the “PS3 is late” and it really isn’t based on anything credible; it’s just the rumor mill filling the void left by a lack of definitive news. Honestly, I don’t know any more about the state of PS3 development than anyone else. But I do know how to spot rumor spinning out of control when I see it. Although it very well could be late or have serious problems, the wave of rumors and “leaked reports” going around really isn’t a good indication.

  • I also think that Sony would be the kind of company not to give details, irrespective of whether or not it’s good for them or the changed landscape. Stringer has only been CEO for a little while, and it takes a long time to turn a huge ship.

  • hotcarl

    This taken from


    Blu-ray disc production to begin February

    Sony recently announced their plans for Blu-ray disc production, which is set to begin the tail end of February. They stated that they will be ready to accept orders and manufacture 25Gb BR discs on a global basis.

    The first production run will be out of Shizouka, Japan, and will cover Japan, and also export to the rest of the world. Then, starting in May, a Sony factory in Indiana will begin producing the discs as well, followed by Salzburg, Austria in July.

    All throughout 2006, Sony has plans to add factories to produce the discs, supposedly reaching a capacity of 5 million units per month for the US and 2.5 million each for both Japan and Europe. By then, 30 factories should be up and running.

    The 50 gb BR discs will not be ready to manufacture until late summer of 2006, as soon as all the plants have the ability to make them.

    This announcement brings up more questions than answers, especially for PS3 gamers. If the Blu-ray disc format is not even going to be manufactured until at least late Feb, a springtime launch doesn’t sound feasible. Also later this year when the games and movies will be out, only about 5 million discs per month will be available, could this cause a shortage of games and movies?”

    My guesses don’t seem too far off i don’t think. Although this guy seems to believe 5 million a monthis not enough to satisfy demand, these figures will probably just for movies. I say this because it’s no big secret that most (if not ALL) launch and early games will come on standard DVD-9’s

    hot carl

  • hotcarl

    Man, I need to learn to proof read BEFORE I submit comments, but I hope that makes sense

  • Gary

    As I’ve said in the ps3blog forum I believe now that BD production is underway an announcement for the PS3 launch won’t be far off. I do believe the PS3 will launch in Spring don’t forget Spring is June!

  • kumis

    Umm… June is NOT spring. June, July and August are the SUMMER months.

    Back to the point. I’m starting to be a bit skeptical too :/. Doesn’t look too ready, but then again we might up for a big surprise. Didn’t Kutaragi say at TGS that Sony still has an ace up their sleeve ? I can’t find a direct link to that, but I remember that this statement exists somewhere. What the ace is ? Who knows, but anyways it might be only biz talk.
    Many ppl are saying that it isn’t finished in a long time, but what to they know with they’re “anonymous” comments.

    Great blog btw.

  • kumis

    Sry for double post forgot something 🙂

    CES was never in the PS3 schedule. I’m betting my money for the FULL revealing of the PS3 in February at the Playstation Conference. That’s the place where they have announced to have the PS3. If they are late then they are in deep, if it’s ready for show in February things should be fine for Sony.

  • The last official day of spring is June 20th or June 21st (I forget which).

  • Karl

    Did just read the poll and it’s 59% for that PS3 comes this spring. Not even the Sony fanboys know what they talking about….

  • Take it easy man. This is all just in good fun. People are entitled to their opinions.