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Sony Insider Comments |

In case you haven’t heard, some Sony artist dude made some disparaging remarks about the PS3 and got canned. (See link below for details.) I think people are making a little too much of this, for several reasons.

First of all, this guy wasn’t working on an actual game. He was working on a cinematic demo. Completely not the same thing.

Also, there are statements like this:

I have been pretty excited about the whole cell processing thing. I am not a very technical person but my understanding of it was pretty clear.

A nontechnical person has a clear understanding of the Cell processor. Okay…

He then goes on to spout a bunch of rumours and inuendos, and well, I just discounted this all as nonsense. He complains about fluid dynamics and object dynamics, etc. What if the game he was working “near” just didn’t use those things? Or the develops didn’t. And did he really expect to see subsurface scattering done in real time?

But what do you think? Is there more to it?

Kotaku – Sony Insider Deleted for PS3 Comments

  • Where does it say he got fired? That’s what the title implies, but all that happened is the article got pulled from the website.

  • Hey, right! Maybe he wasn’t really cannned at all and Kotaku is making that up. Hmm…

  • Black Guy

    It would b a violation of freedom of speech if he got fired wouldn’t it? Then again those comments could be damaging to his employer & Sony…