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1 Million PS3’s |

Is an initial shipment of one million PlayStation 3 consoles enough? With rumours that Microsoft has sold only 600,000 Xbox 360 consoles so far, maybe it will be. But on the other hand, those 360 boxes are in such short supply who knows how many Microsoft could have sold?

My guess is that if Sony does indeed ship one million consoles for the North American launch, that we’ll still be seeing mucho problemos getting a console. Wow, I actually agree with the analyst! Though I don’t know where he gets the November launch date from. It’ll definitely be late October or early December. 😉 – Analyst predicts US November launch for PS3, 1m initial shipment

  • Black Guy

    Only 1 million? Thats it? They’ll need more than that if they expect to hit that 200 million.

    Just mocking the predictions. iWish iCould have a job like that. “iPredict Nintendo Revolution will sell 5 million within a 3 month launch but that momentum will slow significantly resulting in an estimated 3 million consoles sold thereafter for the next 9 months. iHave no insider information and these claims are based on information that is available to anyone with a browser. Gamers…”

    See, iCan do it too. Why can’t iGet a 6 figure income to do it?

  • Yup, I think analysts get their numbers from that week’s lottery. But it’s still fun to discuss.

  • I do I get at least 1 when it comes out. I’m trying to get 2 PS3s. 🙂