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Sony thinks Online |

I’m getting a sense of deja-vu all over again. This Joystiq article talks of a survey Sony sent out asking about online features people might like. Didn’t they send this out ages ago? It sounds awefully familiar. Actually, it sounds familiar in two ways. One is that I think we’ve seen this list before, and talked about how Sony is polling gamers. The second way is that this list has lots of things on it that Xbox Live does, and does extremely well.

But anyway, this is certainly proof positive that Sony is thinking about their online strategy. If they want to add buddy lists, chat, avatars, etc, that’s all fine with me. Add as much as you want. Just please, don’t charge for it! (Yeah, right!)

Joystiq – Sony targets Xbox Live with questionnaire

  • Black Guy

    Sony should have save themselves the trouble and asked directly, “What features of Xbox Live do you want us to bite of off.” Immitations is the best form of flattery iGuess.

    I actually received that survey a while ago but never took the time to respond. This sounds like Xbox Live and iDoubt it will be free. Putting something like that together and supporting it costs a lot of money. I’m curious as to how all this will be impletmented because many of the Xbox Live methods are patented. I heard an interview w/ one of the developers and iSurprised as to how complex the underlying functions really are; matchmaking especially.

    Anyway, It appears MS was on to something w/ a centralized paid service after all.

  • Crazy Phat

    I thinki they took them off because those were probably the lauch titles and was probably never meant to be released

  • observer

    Translation: “No new news”. There are still no announcements detailing online functionality and Sony is still keeping their plans and progress (or lack thereof) private.

    It’s strange that for a no news event, many people went from “Sony has no online strategy” to “Sony is just starting to eye Xbox Live features”.

    Nothing has changed except the winds of the rumor mill.