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Revolution: Before Thanksgiving for less than $300 |

RevolutionI haven’t mentioned the Revolution in a while, so I thought I’d take a gander at what’s happening in Nintendo’s back yard. And unlike the Sony camp, Nintendites are actually getting some good information from their chosen gaming company.

First of all, it will be released in North America by Thanksgiving this year. So 10 months or so is the longest we’ll have to wait for the Revolution. I personally won’t be buying one, but I hope someone I know will. I’d like to try out that crazy controller.

And it looks like that controller won’t be costing you too much. The system will cost less than $300. My guess is that “less than $300” turns out to be $299. But that’s still a decent price for what promises to be a groundbreaking game machine. Too bad it doesn’t do HDTV.

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  • Black Guy

    $299 will put it @ an X360 which contradicts statements of being the most affordable system this generation. iThink more like $199 to $250. Maybe less but more than likely not higher than that. The last two generation systems from nintendo came in @ $250 and iThink Nitty will stay in the area. Nitty and its minions have all been talking about how affordable and appealing to “everybody” this thing will be.

    My “Analyst Prediction”: $199.99

  • Yeah but who wants the $299 Xbox Crippled version? A $299 Revolution would be cheaper than the average selling price of an Xbox 360 system.

  • You’ll be surprised at how many people want the XBox 360 Core System, while it doesn’t offer everything it offers what it does at a much lower price which is a very appealing factor in people’s choices.

    I know more people with Core’s then Premium’s simply by choice rather than a lack of units, and not many of them have or are planning to buy the hard drive.

    My prediction for the Revolution launch price would be $250.

  • Black Guy

    The core is not crippled. BC is waste IMO and I’m glad MS focused on making a great system all it can be rather holding it back w/ a feature that 2% of the installed base is only going to use maybe no more than a year. If iWant to play an old XBox game, I’ll dust of the old one and fire it up.

    If you don’t have Live, getting a premium is probably a waste. The only game that needs a hd is final fantasy XXXIIIII, but who wants a 50 year old game?

    If no one wanted the Core, it wouldn’t have sold out… iAlmost bought a core but decided on the premium when iLearned of how great XLive was and decided iWould subscribe.