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Tommy Tallarico |

If you’ve ever watched Reviews on the Run, you’ve seen Tommy Tallarico. Hint: he’s the short one. It’s a great show I enjoy a lot. The guys are funny, and they talk/argue about video games. They know their stuff. A couple weeks back Mr. Tallarico made some interesting comments on the IGN forums about PS3 development, and was making the rounds. I forgot about, but remembered today, and I’ll post what he said in case you haven’t seen it:

Unfortunately I am under strict NDA and cannot mention any titles. The gameplay graphics look a little better than minor… but it more of the way the worlds and environments are being created and built. For example… in Project Gotham racing if you stop on the side of the road and look at a tree… it is basically just two texture maps pasted together in a cross pattern (like games have done for the past 10 years)… but some of the stuff I’m seeing on the PS3 has every element of a tree including branches, leaves, etc… and it all gets affected by the wind as your car passes by… as well as the lighting. Not saying the 360 CAN’T do that… I’m just saying that from what I’ve seen…. I’m a lot more impressed with the 1st generation PS3 titles compared to the 1st gen 360 titles.

I have no reason to think that Mr. Tallarico is lying, though I wonder if what he’s seen on the Xbox 360 isn’t the best the platform has to offer. Either way, the news is encouraging.

IGN Boards – Tommy Tallarico (membership required)

  • Black Guy

    Who cares how the textures are layed? iCan’t tell the difference now. During the 32-bit days it was obvious, but today, graphic detail has achieved such a high level of sophistication that its difficult to notice such nuances. Besides, isn’t it all about shaders?

    iWent back to PGR & iHonestly cannot see what this guy is talking about and iDoubt anybody can. This is something he had to learn from other sources other than by simple observation of the game environment. Anyway, they can place textures in a cross pattern all day just because. But if the end result looks anything like Gears of War, Double Agent, or Crackdown…. Then does it really matter?

  • Please, Tommy Tallarico is the last person to be listening to about console comparisons. You are the first person I have heard actually to take his word to mean anything.

  • Wow! Really? That’s just… I don’t know! I’m speachless!

    I didn’t know that the word of someone creating, playing, and reviewing games for the last 10 years had an opinion that is so worthless.


    If you don’t care for Tommy, that’s fine. But I’ve always enjoyed his TV shows.

  • He doesn’t create games, he makes music for games. There is also the fact that multiple developers including ones developing for the PS3 only (Hideo Kojima) with much more credibility have stated there is not much difference. Carmack did say that the PS3 will have “a bit more peak power” so I’m sure it will. I just don’t think a 3 weeks old quote from a game musician (who I personally think gives the worst games ridicously high scores) is very relevant.

  • So music for a game isn’t part of the game? Strange.

    And you obviously don’t watch Reviews on the Run very much, because he rarely gives high scores. His cohost almost always gives games a higher score than Tommy does.

  • Crazy Phat

    Yeah I’ve seen the show. Pretty cool. They talk about the good points of a game and you can really relate to them. Wonder if it still comes on. Does itI If it does could you tell me the specific tome and day.

  • Yes, it’s still on. Here it’s usually on Saturdays. You’d have to check your local listings. You can do a search on Go to TV, then TV Listings.

  • hotcarl

    I had not heard about this(mostly because I don’t pay to use IGN), and I thought your excerpt was pretty interesting. What it seems like people doen’t understand is that the cross patern image for back grounds were fine last generation (e.g. Gran Turismo, Forza Motor Sports) and, if things stayed that way this generation, it’d be fine. The point is that if the PS3 can break away from old patterns of graphic design then that is impressive.

    I posted about this on my blog as well. Thanks hennig you always seem to get good info that i miss.
    hot carl is a PS3fanboy

  • Tuxedo

    All the more reason to wait for a PS3.

  • Black Guy

    PS3 will do this and PS3 can do that. PS3 can serve as a surrogate government to the world. PS3 can reduce the world nuclear stockpile. PS3 will stop terrorsim and bring democracy throughout to the middle east.

    Get of it already. Sony has not released an ounce of evidence to support their performance claims; and no for the last time… Killzone and Motorstorm and everything else they’ve shown has all been videos; which I’m sorry to inform u, is not indicative of real world performance. The only that could pass muster as realtime is MGS4 which looks great, but it does not look anywhere NEAR the quality of them videos.

    Metal Gear Solid devolper has stated in a published interview that there is little real world difference between the capabilities of the X360 and the PS3; DOA developer made the same comment. I’ve also read similar statements from other veterans that are generally in line with what these guys are saying. I am more inclined to believe statements that come from those who would be in a position to know the underworking of the next systems rather than someone who parades around like they know something.

    If the performance gap is really as narrow as some developers are stating, then:

    Like the PS3,
    “The point is that if the X360 can break away from old patterns of graphic design then that is impressive.”

  • You forgot the best thing about the PS3: it will floss your teeth while you sleep.

  • Black Guy

    Thats right! iForgot about that… Man. Have u heard about the PS3 accessories… iWant the grill and cooler attachments…

  • Dude i heard it will cool your beer while your playing aswell!

    Damn PlayStation 3 is gonna r0ck0rz your s0ckorz 😉