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PS3A reader sent me this link because it is a noteworthy article about how all the conjecture about the PS3’s release date is pretty well worthless. Which is true. It is. Nobody knows the mind of Sony, and Sony has been famously secretive about release plans in the past, so the PS3 will be no different for them. Whether or not this is a good idea is another point entirely, and I don’t really care to get into it. But the facts are that we just don’t know what’s going on, and we’ll find out, well, when we find out!

I’ve commented on some of the conjecture myself. It’s fun to think about. One million PS3 on release date for NA. Four to seven million PS3’s sold in 2006. March release. November release. August release. 2007 release. It’s fun stuff thinking about the possibilities, but that’s all it is: fun. It’s not like we’re changing the world here or that we’re even being half serious. Some posters like to take umbridge at every little thing I say or don’t. A piece of advice: don’t sweat it man! It’s just a gaming console! Sure I’d like to see the PS3 do better than the Xbox 360, but I sure as heck won’t lose an ounce of sleep if that doesn’t happen.

Gaming consoles are here for our enjoyment. And this site is too. – PS3 predictions are all shooting in the dark

  • Black Guy

    I’m thinking…
    Its tantamount to sports obsession. I’ve read of ppl will missibg their wifes’ funeral to attend the Super Bowl. They feel as if they are part of the team and their emotions; heck their lives revolve around the performace of that team. If the team losses, they have a bad day @ work, they win, u’ll hear all day about how “they” scored that touchdown.

    iThink its something similar w/ material items such like video games. I’ve actually heard in real life, “We are going to beat X360 or PS3 or whatever.” And those individuals will actually get physical over these things. iCan’t help but laugh uncontrollably.

    So when someone says that their system cannot do something, they may actually get emotional over it. This could very well be evidence that there is a bigger problem outhere. Fanboyism may not b something you can just “snap out of.” It may b caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors. Like any serious medical condition, fanboyism may need to be treated.

  • OneWay

    Here is another article about Gaming in 2006 which gives numbers on sales

    PS3 Gaming Forums Article

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  • observer

    I partially disagree. A lot of people *do* know the real and current release plans of the PS3. However, they are all under NDA and wisely keep it to themselves. The reported “leaks” are more likely people seeking attention than genuine leaks.

    The people that don’t know about the real PS3 release plans are the general public and the journalists that most of us hear. All the news stories and speculation and “analysts” that are going around are highly suspect.

    “don’t sweat it man! It’s just a gaming console!”

    You are the one who is running a PS3 blog. People commonly have seemingly irrational and emotional attachments to specific technologies, especially when the technology becomes a political battle for critical mass and commercial leverage. I’m sure you’ve seen people argue about computer operating systems (Windows vs. Mac vs. Solaris vs. Linux) and software development platforms (Java vs. .NET vs. PHP). This is the same with PS3 vs. 360 or Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD.

    I like this site; despite there being an obvious pro-PS3 enthusiasm, it’s not politically heavy handed.

  • Yup, I run a PS3 blog. I have a PS2 and I think the PS3 will do well and be a great machine. (Don’t tell anybody this, but I also think that the Xbox 360 is a great machine.) But I still know that it’s just a gaming console.

    Ever see that show where some dude with spectacles and a goatee asks actors all these serious questions, then oohs and mmm-hmms over the answers? I hate that show. It takes acting and movies way too seriously. “So, Mr. Sandler, how does Jimmy Does Sally affect the current moral balance vis-a-vis the ineptitude of the upper-middle class to see into its own psyche?” Whatever. I hope the gaming industry never starts to take itself that seriously.