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PS3 Easier than PS2 |

This bit of “news” has been making the rounds recently and I thought I’d put in my two cents. The Killzone tester who writes this later in the thread even complains how everybody’s quoting him, which I find amusing. This dude is the only source of any kind of interesting information about the PS3, and he’s surprised when everyone plasters his statements all over the net? Tee hee. Anyway, here it is:

And as for the PS2 vs PS3 development question. I was chatting to Michiel and he was telling me how crazy-easy it was compared to the PS2 and how much quicker things have been going for them. I will take his word on that.

Short. Sweet. And totally unsubstantiated. We only have this guy’s second hand word to go by. Legit? No legit? You tell me.

PlayStation Boards – Ask the Dev Team – Part X

  • Black Guy

    If this guy us legit, iThought he was suppose to b bound by a NDA. If so, how is he able to divulge information when others apparently cannot? Refering to this guy as a source of “interesting information” is an embellishment. His claims are consistent and right in line w/ the other BS thats out there on the web.

    He can hide behind his handle so why doesn’t he just drop the beans? Because he doesn’t know anything and is only parading around like he does. He’s probably just the bathroom technician.

  • You’re a very negative dude, man.

  • Francois Methot

    I don’t think he will get fired for this harmless commentary. Of course Sony learned from his mistake with PS2 and improved the development tool.

  • Black Guy

    Even if Sony improved their development tools, the PS3 has got to be more complicated than PS2 to work w/. No iDon’t have dev kits or anything like that, just a guess.

    PS3 has 1 core that has to keep the GPU fed w/ instructions of what to draw, process other functions and data, AND keep its 7 synergestic (or whatever they’re called) cores satisfied. From what I’ve learned, the primary core and the PPE both use exlusive and different instructions.

    I’m thinking its going to be a long time b4 we c this supposed “planetary shifting, dimensional rift generation, interstellar travel at nine times faster than the speed of light” power of the PS3.

  • Black Guy

    Henning, How am iNegative? Just earlier this week iWas raving ’bout the PS3 applicance accessories.

  • Crazy Phat

    That guy who said that the PS3 is crazy easy compared to the PS2 is one of the KillZone developers. Just wanted to let you know.

  • If he is one of the developers then why does he have to talk to other people to find out how easy development is?

  • The guy who was on the forums is a PS3 tester. He spoke to one of the developers and that developer said it was “crazy-easy.” I think that was what Crazy Phat was saying.

  • Black Guy – good one! 🙂

  • Crazy Phat

    Yeah Jerome. Monerth is not a dev. He is the lead tester. Ferret 7 is the producer and Michiel is one of the main devs. You can talk to them on the KillZone message boards.