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New Poll: Revolution vs GameCube |

Related to my discussion of the Revolution in my post about the console war, I have a new poll for you.

Will the Revolution play a larger role than the GameCube did?

Yes – much larger. (Takes significant market share from PS3 & 360.)
Yes – a little more. (Takes small market share from the PS3 & 360.)
No – about the same. (Market share about the same as the GC.)
No – worse. (Revolution will do worse than the GC did.)

Pick your poison. (Poll is in the sidebar.)

  • Yes – a little more

  • PhantomShadow

    The revolution will necessarily be competing on the same plane of the PS3 and the 360. The revolution is targeting a completely different audience than the other two consoles. It is uniquely suited for casual gamers who want a relatively cheap console to use with their friends. I believe that the revolution will play a greater role than people think in the upcoming next gen console war. The revolution will not compete for the market fought over by microsoft and sony, but it will instead create a whole new market of truely causal gamers.

  • Angel

    i think the Revolution will be great, it will definitly make more fans this time, its going for a different and new idea, its atleast trying to make games fun instead of them bootleg sony and microsoft. and Nintendo will surley have better games cause of the new control idea.