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MotorStorm a Launch Title? |

From the list of games purportedly in development for the PS3 and to be released this year, there’s nothing that really grabs my interest. Which is a shame, because I want to be one of the first people on my block to own a PS3, and I won’t have any games to play on it.

Unless this particular rumour is true. A small throwaway line on Evolution Studios’ website says “Evolution is currently contracted by Sony to produce a ‘next-gen’ PS3 launch title called MotorStorm.”

Now that is a game I could really sink my teeth into. Of course we haven’t seen actual gameplay yet, so the game may end up being pretty bad. But somehow I doubt it – Evolution Studios seems to have a pretty good track record.

GameSpot – MotorStorm launching with PS3?

  • francois

    I have high expectation for this game too and hope it is going to have the same effect SSX had on the PS2 when it launched. Next-gen look and gameplay.

  • Black Guy

    I’m already beginning to laugh uncontrollably. iCan’t wait to c the utter disappointment on faces of those passionately anticipating the PS3 when the games are finally unveiled & they look nada like the E3 videos.

    *trying to catch breath*

    iWonder if now will b the time that ppl stop blindly believing the Sony hype. iMean they poured it on real thick w/ those videos consequently setting the bar in the stratosphere not only for the competition but, most importantly, themselves. Developers r crying that it takes a long time to develop games now, so imagine what it takes to make a game @ that calibur assuming the host system is even capable of running it as “advertised.” Games like that will need to b in development for about 20 years or have teams of 10,000 ppl; an exaggeration but iThink the point is made.

  • I’m glad that we can be such a source of amusement for you.

    But for me, I am still looking forward to seeing what Motorstorm might be like.

    I guess I’m a glass is half full kind of guy, while you think the glass is more half empty.

  • Black Guy

    I could care less about the glass until iC it.

    Contrarty to what u may think, I’m looking forward to Motorsport too… just to c how “closely” it compares to the “realtime footage” demonstrated by Sony in the past.