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PS3, iPod, and iTunes |

Here’s an interesting rumour over at PS3 Forums from the administrator. I have an iPod nano and use iTunes, so this one was of particular interest to me.

iPod connectivity – Ability to to connect the iPod to the PS3 and play it’s music through the PS3 to your stereo or other audio playback devices. Will also provide some graphical effects on your TV during playback

iTunes linkup – Access iTunes and your music through the PS3. Purchase and download additiona tracks through the PS3. Wirelessly play iTunes music from your PC/Mac through the PS3

Sync support – Use the PS3 to sync your iPod with iTunes, no need for a PC or Mac to sync and add/remove tracks and organize playlists.

Apple may also be helping Sony with some UI design for the PS3 dashboard interface.

I don’t care about purchasing tracks through iTunes, because I buy my CD’s and rip them. But all the other features sound cool.

Any bets on the probability of this rumour being true?

PS3 Forums – PS3 rumormill : Apple

  • Xbox 360 has already this feature built in, not the downloading part but the playing the ipod library through the console. And it’s very nice! Just stick a dock on the game station and getting home you just release your pod on the dock, grab your remote control and boom you’re navigating with ease in your music library.

  • Black Guy

    Sony & Apple working together on iPod/iTunes connectivity? Yeah right. If Apple was to do something like this, they would help MS and its X360 for simple fact that MS has more to offer Apple than Sony could. Apple NEEDS MS Office and other support; they would not jeopardize this relation by doing something so stupid.

    Besides, Apple isn’t the kind of company that would do something like this. They want to keep everything in a closed linear structure.

  • Burten

    I must agree with Black Guy. It sound (however cool it would be) not likely that Apple would allow Sony to use iTunes.

    Another thing to crash this roumour is that Sony allready has its own online music store, Sony Connect. -To put iTunes into PS3 would NOT help Sony Connect much…

  • Black Guy

    Don’t 4get that Sony has 800 “iPod killers” on the market that r not officially compatible w/ iTunes.

  • Fahhd

    i bought ps 3 . i need to know can we play ipod on ps3. when i connect my ps3 with i pod it says no track and when i do with xbox it shows all the songs ?? what could be the problem ??

  • Use the triangle button.

  • Fahhd

    hey can we listen to the songs through ipod n play the game at the same time ??

  • Sorry, but no.

  • bman

    i have a ps3, i know how to play songs on it through my ipod, but how do you sync your ipod to itunes through ps3? and what is the order that ps3 puts your songs in, with all of the different groups with random songs in it when you go to your music?

  • you can’t

  • mike

    hey guys, can you tell me how to play my ipod on my ps3. I have a regular 20gb ipod. I put it in with my plug i use to recharge it but it says there arent any files found or whatever. Im assuming I need a special cord or something. Thanks guys

  • Try hitting the triangle button and telling your PS3 that you want to see ALL files.

  • Mr. Flood

    if you just copy the folder all the music is in to the ps3 hard drive then sort your music by artist or album then boom you got it all right there in order, i just wish you could browse the internet or do anything else while music is playing… maybe in time

  • Mr. Flood

    it also keeps your album art if you have an ipod color or video. i think ipod color has album art i don’t know i have video 😀

  • Mr. Flood

    so i’ve been playing with it for the last half hour and noticed that while most tracks are ok some appear with names like QUQT. so i would like to amend my first comment because of the ipod’s strange file system. sorry

  • SackBoy_OPM

    while listening to music files on your PS3, just press the PS-button. Now you can watch a slideshow or browse the net while the music’s playing… there ya go

  • Zac

    how do you play the music through your ipod on it?

  • bill

    my ipod doesnt even show up on my home, what do i do?

  • bill

    my ipod doesnt even show up on my home, what do i do??


    can you transfer songs from your ps3 to your Ipod and be able play those songs?

  • Sorry, I haven’t tried that…

  • Donnie

    Hey guys youve been of great help, Now i can play the music on my ipod and lost of other stuff buuut, is there a way you can copy you music from the ipod to the ps3?? cause when I click on the triangle and want to copy a song or anything it isnt available, what can i do????

    thnks in advance guys!

  • Donnie

    nevermind, I just had to change the ipod to ubs conectivity ; )

  • dale

    my ipod is configured for use with my mac. when i try to connect the ipod to my ps3, the ps3 does not recognize it. I am going under the “music” icon, connecting the ipod, then click, “search for media servers.” Am I doing something wroing? please help me

  • The iPod is not a media server.

    When you connect the iPod to your PS3 with the USB cable, it should show up as an available device to browse. If you can’t see the music on it, hit Triangle and select “Show all files” or something like that.

  • willi

    hey donni, the copy option isnt available when ur playing a song at the same time, so stop/ pause the song and it will light again.



  • cerebrus05

    The way around the whole itunes thing is to while in itunes, back up your library
    to dvds, then transfer them to your ps3.
    easiest way to get your tunes over to the system. The ps3 reads the dvd as a “Data Disk” Go over to music and open the data disc and there are all your songs. One reason this works is because the ps3 can read AAC format.