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Got a PSP! |

I know it’s not PS3 related, but my wife gave me a PSP for my Birthday. So now I have to figure out all the good games for the platform. I knew Luminares was good, but unfortunately WalMart didn’t have it. I got Star Wars Battlefront 2 instead, and it’s been fun so far. Controls are a little hard to get used to. Now I need to figure out how to check my e-mail…

  • SoxFanGamer

    GTA Liberty City stories. ive heard nothing but good things.

  • emanuel

    FIFA 06
    SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo
    SSX On Tour
    Me and My Katamari (when it comes out)

  • Theres a real poor game selection for the PlayStation Portable in my opinion, i imported mine back in Febuary of 2005 and havent been impressed since.

    Games i would recommend you check out is definantly Lumines, maybe Burnout, Virtua Tennis. Alot of the other games are either less than impressive or just dumbed down versions of the console game.

  • Francois

    Happy birthday Henning, Hope you will have lot of fun with your PSP.
    If you want to convert your DVD to PSP, I recommend using DVD Decrypter and PSP video (done by a student from Carleton University). If you find a better software, let me know.

    If you want to borrow some games, here is my list.
    Namco Museum
    Virtua Tennis
    Midway Arcade Treasure
    Prince Of Persia
    Ridge Racer
    Hot Shot Golf
    MLB Baseball

  • No, all you need is PQ (practical intelligence quotient). It’s one of thebest puzzle games I’ve ever played. ANd, yeah Lumines

  • Black Guy

    Prince of Persia is kool if u have patience & tolerance made of steel; better yet, cubic boron nitride.

  • gary

    Happy birthday whenever it was. How old are you now 64?!!!!

    I wish I had a PSP can’t really think of any must have games for it at the moment though but at least you have one.

  • 64, what? Try 37.

    Games I plan to be getting soon are Lumines and Burnout.

  • once you got a psp, you must have some psp tools, such as psp video converter.

    i usually use Super DVD to PSP Converter as my psp tool, you can have a try!