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Josh Robinson Interviewed |

Rob over at PS3 Week dropped me a line to tell me about his new interview with Josh Robinson, that Sony PS3 artist dude who got fired over some comments that he thought were rather harmless.

Two things stuck out when I read the interview.

First, Mr. Robinson talked to several people at Sony about what he was going to say before posting his comments. None of them thought that he was doing anything wrong. Which is kinda weird, because he was dissing the company he works for in a public forum. Nobody thought that was weird?

Second, what I thought was weird was that Mr. Robinson spoke so well of Sony, even after being fired. Is this guy looking for his old job back or something? From the sound of the interview, the answer to that is no. So why’s he being so nice?


PS3 Week – Interview: Josh Robinson

  • observer

    I read him as a really nice, cool, and probably talented guy who made a really dumb and naive mistake and then in hindsight felt guilty, apologetic, and regretful about what he did.

    Some people can’t resist having inside information on such a hot topic and not being able to speak publically about it.

  • Black Guy

    iRemember a time when iWas w/ a group of guys that were talking mad trash about this chick who iHappen to b mess’n w/ @ the time. iLiked her but iWasn’t in love or anything…. Anyway, iMade some “comments” about her but nothing bad iThought. One of the haters in the group went back and told her…

    The next gym day, while lifting humanly impossible weights on the bench the chick rolled up on me, cuzed me out for days, straight ghetto to heart…. iTried to downplay it but to no avail. Of course, iHad to go back regulate on the snitch but the damage was already done. In hindsight iFelt guilty, apologetic, and regretful about talking about her espcially since she spent so much money on me. Years later iStill stumble across her and she stills hates me w/ a passion.

    iGuess u always have to be careful about what u say & do cuz it always seems to get back. It is one of the laws of the universe.

  • I agree with observer. Just a bad decision. His buddies who are still at Sony did not seem to have any more sense than him. I am grateful for the info but fully understand Sony’s decision. In fact, they had to fire him otherwise it might look like the are endorsing his opinions. (Which might be correct.) I imagine his kind words to Sony are because he works in an industry in which Sony will always be a major player. If Sony were particualrly harsh they might blackball him from working with third party developers.