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Rumoured PS3 Capabilities |

Lately there have been lots of reports about rumoured PS3 capabilities. Or wait. Maybe I should say one report, and lots of references to that report. Either way, there’s lots of buzz about the PS3 making it’s way around the table. Let’s take a look at several of them, shall we? A reader of mine gave me the first link – thanks!

  • iTunes/iPod integration.I covered iPod and iTunes already in a post last week.
  • PS3 will be a DVR. This is an old rumour, but somehow I doubt this one. It means that Sony will have to include both a HDD and TV tuner into the PS3. They have already strongly hinted that the PS3 would not contain an HDD. And adding a tuner would only add to the expense of the system. Plus, it’s hard to get a DVR to work well. I’ve had an SA8300HD for ages and they still haven’t worked out all the kinks.
  • PSP Connection. This is nothing new, but it is cool. Because I just got a PSP.
  • Extended media center capabilities. That’s rather vague, isn’t it? But we knew the PS3 would have something like this, so nothing new here, move along.
  • PS3 and Location Free. It’s also not new that the PS3 will be able to act as a Location Free player for the PSP, but I took note of it again just because I just got a PSP.
  • Misc. Other miscellaneous stuff that I didn’t bother commenting on. Should I have?

PS Forums – Sony Declares full out war on Xbox Live (EVEN MORE STUFF NOW)
ars technica – PlayStation 3 to have DVR capabilities?

  • Black Guy

    iThought the PS3 was suppose to b a game system.

  • Ditto 360.

  • gary

    You don’t happen to have a PSP by any chance?

    I just want my PS3 to play games, games & more games.
    I’m not asking for much!

  • Why yes Gary, yes I do have a PSP.

    How’d you know? 🙂

  • Cullen

    Hey, can anyone help me out? I just bought a PS3, and when I plug my ipod into it, it says no tracks found..what am I doing wrong? Avid music listener here, please help me out! Cheers!

  • Because of the directory structure, the PS3 won’t see the music right away. You need to hit TRIANGLE and choose “View All Content” or something like that.